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1Acaciagirlthorny, naiveGreek6Register to vote
2AcanthagirlthornyGreek0Register to vote
3Achlysgirlmist, darknessGreek2Register to vote
4Ademiagirlwithout a husbandGreek0Register to vote
5AdoniagirlbeautifulGreek2Register to vote
6Agapegirllove of the nextGreek1Register to vote
7Agathagirlgood, kindGreek5Register to vote
8Aglaiagirlwisdom, gloryGreek0Register to vote
9AirliagirletherealGreek1Register to vote
10Alalagirlwar goddessGreek0Register to vote
11Alcinagirlstrong-mindedGreek1Register to vote
12Aldoragirlwinged giftGreek2Register to vote
13Aletheagirltruthful oneGreek1Register to vote
14Alexgirlshort for AlexandriaGreek5Register to vote
15Alexagirlprotector of mankindGreek25Register to vote
16Alexandragirlhelper of mankindGreek30Register to vote
17Alexandriagirldefender of mankindGreek11Register to vote
18Alexisgirlprotector of mankindGreek25Register to vote
19Alisagirlrational, variant of AliceGreek1Register to vote
20Alishagirltruth, nobleGreek2Register to vote
21Altheagirlhealer, wholesomeGreek0Register to vote
22AlysagirlprincessGreek3Register to vote
23AlysiagirlcaptivatingGreek0Register to vote
24AlyssagirllogicalGreek46Register to vote
25Amaryllisgirlfresh, sparklingGreek2Register to vote
26AmbrosegirlimmortalGreek3Register to vote
27AmbrosinegirlimmortalGreek1Register to vote
28Amethystgirla precious stoneGreek5Register to vote
29AnaisgirlgracefulGreek4Register to vote
30AnastasiagirlresurrectionGreek34Register to vote
31Andreagirlcourageous, feminine of AndrewGreek5Register to vote
32Andromedagirlbeautiful maiden rescued by PerseusGreek5Register to vote
33Anemonegirlbreath, windflowerGreek2Register to vote
34AngelgirlangelicGreek15Register to vote
35Angelagirlheavenly messengerGreek18Register to vote
36Anneliesegirlconsecrated and graciousGreek3Register to vote
37Anteiagirlwife of sea-god ProteusGreek0Register to vote
38Antheagirllady of flowersGreek2Register to vote
39Aphroditegirlgoddess of loveGreek4Register to vote
40Apollinegirlsunshine, warmth and strengthGreek0Register to vote
41Apolloniagirlfeminine form of Apollo, the God of the sunGreek1Register to vote
42Arethagirlthe best, nymphGreek0Register to vote
43AretinagirlvirtuousGreek0Register to vote
44AriannagirlholyGreek12Register to vote
45Ariciagirlprincess of the royal blood of AthensGreek1Register to vote
46ArissagirlbestGreek1Register to vote
47Artemisiagirlbelonging to ArtemisGreek1Register to vote
48AsiagirleastGreek3Register to vote
49AspasiagirlwelcomedGreek0Register to vote
50Astragirllike a starGreek2Register to vote
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