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151ElishagirlJehovah is godHebrew2Register to vote
152ElizabethgirlGod's oathHebrew36Register to vote
153Elkanboyhe belongs to godHebrew0Register to vote
154Ellengirllight, mercyHebrew96Register to vote
155EllingtongirlShe is the light of GodHebrew0Register to vote
156ElliotboyJehovah is GodHebrew5Register to vote
157Ellisboyfrom the name ElijahHebrew1Register to vote
158Elsegirlconsecrated to godHebrew0Register to vote
159Emanuelboygod is with usHebrew3Register to vote
160Emanuelagirlgod is with usHebrew0Register to vote
161EmmanuelboyGod is with usHebrew7Register to vote
162EmmunagirlHebrew0Register to vote
163EndoragirlfountainHebrew2Register to vote
164Ephraimboyvery fruitfulHebrew1Register to vote
165Erzaboy Hebrew2Register to vote
166Erzsebetgirldevoted to GodHebrew0Register to vote
167EsthergirlA starHebrew1Register to vote
168EthelboynobleHebrew0Register to vote
169EvagirllifeHebrew17Register to vote
170Evegirllife givingHebrew13Register to vote
171Evelinagirllife givingHebrew4Register to vote
172Ezekielboystrength of GodHebrew9Register to vote
173Ezioboyfriend, loverHebrew0Register to vote
174Ezraboyhelper, salvationHebrew7Register to vote
175Fifigirlhe shall addHebrew0Register to vote
176Fifinegirlhe shall addHebrew1Register to vote
177Gabaiboydelight, adornmentHebrew2Register to vote
178Gabeboyfrom the name GabrielHebrew11Register to vote
179GabrielboyGod is my strengthHebrew87Register to vote
180GabriellegirlGod is my strengthHebrew27Register to vote
181GafnaboyvineHebrew1Register to vote
182Galigirlspring, fountainHebrew1Register to vote
183GalyagirlGod is redeemedHebrew2Register to vote
184GanagirlgardenHebrew1Register to vote
185Gariellegirlkind, educated, gorgous princessHebrew0Register to vote
186GenesisgirloriginHebrew5Register to vote
187GenesisboyoriginHebrew1Register to vote
188GershamboyexiledHebrew0Register to vote
189GevagirlhillHebrew1Register to vote
190Gianboygift from GodHebrew1Register to vote
191Gideonboymighty warriorHebrew3Register to vote
192GilanagirljoyHebrew1Register to vote
193GoliathboyexileHebrew0Register to vote
194HaamiahboyintegrityHebrew1Register to vote
195HadarboygloriousHebrew1Register to vote
196Hadaragirlbedecked in beautyHebrew4Register to vote
197Hadassagirlflowering myrtleHebrew5Register to vote
198HagarboyflightHebrew1Register to vote
199Hannahgirlgrace of GodHebrew263Register to vote
200HannegirlgraciousHebrew1Register to vote
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