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1Akaishagirlthe akaisha flowerIrish5Register to vote
2BritgirlstrongIrish1Register to vote
3CiannaitgirlancientIrish3Register to vote
4Ciargirlsaint's nameIrish3Register to vote
5GalegirlstrangerIrish3Register to vote
6Kaceygirleagle-eyedIrish9Register to vote
7Kearagirlfrom a saint's nameIrish4Register to vote
8Liadangirlgrey ladyIrish1Register to vote
9SaoirsegirlfreedomIrish4Register to vote
10ShanessagirlGod is graciousIrish2Register to vote
11Shannongirlwise one, river nameIrish6Register to vote
12SheenagirlGod's gracious giftIrish1Register to vote
13SineadgirlgraciousIrish4Register to vote
14Arlissboyhigh fortIrish1Register to vote
15Bakerboycomes from the names Baxter, BaxleyIrish4Register to vote
16BannonboywhiteIrish3Register to vote
17BeckettboyIrish14Register to vote
18Connorboydesire, wise aid, wolf-loverIrish31Register to vote
19Conroyboywise manIrish1Register to vote
20Donnieboynickname of DonaldIrish2Register to vote
21FerrellboybraveIrish1Register to vote
22GalvinboysparrowIrish3Register to vote
23Gannonboyfair-complexionedIrish1Register to vote
24GillboyfaithfulIrish1Register to vote
25Jamieboyvariant of JamesIrish2Register to vote
26Kellyboybrave warriorIrish6Register to vote
27Keonboyform of Ewan, from JohnIrish2Register to vote
28Koryboyan alternate form of CoreyIrish1Register to vote
29Laoghaireboycalf herder, a shepardIrish0Register to vote
30Liamboyunwavering protectorIrish55Register to vote
31Moriartyboysea warriorIrish1Register to vote
32Nevanboyholy, little saintIrish3Register to vote
33Quigleyboymaternal sideIrish0Register to vote
34Quinlanboywell-shaped, athleticIrish2Register to vote
35SeamusboyIrish8Register to vote
36ShamusboysupplanterIrish2Register to vote
37ShaneboyGod is graciousIrish5Register to vote
38Sheaboyhawk-like, statelyIrish1Register to vote
39Sheridonboywild oneIrish0Register to vote
40Torrenceboylike a tall towerIrish0Register to vote
41Uilliamboyform of WilliamIrish2Register to vote
42UisteanboyintelligentIrish0Register to vote
43CillianboystrifeIrish4Register to vote
44KeiragirlBlack HairedIrish14Register to vote
45NeathagirlIrish0Register to vote
46CairnaghngirlA marker for others to followIrish4Register to vote
47ShaelyngirlHawklike MajesticIrish6Register to vote
48KeltenboyIrish3Register to vote
49isobelgirlIrish6Register to vote
50NilesboyIrish1Register to vote
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