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551SicilygirlLatin0Register to vote
552Sidragirllike a starLatin2Register to vote
553SilasboywoodLatin7Register to vote
554SileasgirlyouthLatin0Register to vote
555SilvesterboywoodmanLatin2Register to vote
556Silviagirlwoodland maidLatin2Register to vote
557Silvioboybelonging to the forest, silverLatin0Register to vote
558Solboythe sunLatin0Register to vote
559SolacegirlcomfortLatin0Register to vote
560SolitagirlaloneLatin0Register to vote
561Spicagirlname of a starLatin1Register to vote
562StaceygirlstableLatin1Register to vote
563StaceyboystableLatin0Register to vote
564StacyboydependableLatin0Register to vote
565Tacitagirlto be silentLatin0Register to vote
566TanicusboyLatin1Register to vote
567Tarioboya form of MarioLatin0Register to vote
568Taurinboyborn under the sign of TaurusLatin1Register to vote
569TaurinusboyLatin0Register to vote
570TaviagirlgreatLatin1Register to vote
571Templagirltemple or sanctuaryLatin0Register to vote
572TerenagirlearthlyLatin0Register to vote
573Terenceboypolished, tenderLatin1Register to vote
574TerragirlearthLatin0Register to vote
575TerrenceboytenderLatin5Register to vote
576Tertiagirlthe thirdLatin0Register to vote
577Thaddeausboycouragues, praiserLatin1Register to vote
578Toinettegirlbeyond praiseLatin0Register to vote
579Toniagirlbeyond praiseLatin1Register to vote
580Tonyboybeyond praiseLatin0Register to vote
581Topazgirlyellow gemstoneLatin0Register to vote
582TosiagirlinestimableLatin0Register to vote
583Trentboytorrent, dweller by the TrentLatin4Register to vote
584TrenusboyLatin0Register to vote
585Trinitygirlthe holy threeLatin0Register to vote
586TristagirlsorrowfulLatin1Register to vote
587Trixgirlshe who blessesLatin1Register to vote
588Trixiegirlshe who blessesLatin3Register to vote
589TryphenagirldaintyLatin0Register to vote
590Tyrusboyperson from TyreLatin0Register to vote
591UlprusboyLatin0Register to vote
592UltimagirlaloofLatin0Register to vote
593Ulyssesboythe hateful one, wounded in the fightLatin0Register to vote
594Unagirlone, unity, wholenessLatin0Register to vote
595Undinegirlof the waveLatin0Register to vote
596Urbanboyfrom the cityLatin0Register to vote
597Urbanagirlfrom the cityLatin1Register to vote
598Ursulagirllittle bearLatin2Register to vote
599VaegirlWoeLatin1Register to vote
600ValboystrongLatin0Register to vote
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