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151Camillegirlattendant at a religious ceremonyLatin5Register to vote
152Candidagirlwhite, pureLatin1Register to vote
153CandragirlluminescentLatin1Register to vote
154Caragirldear, diamondLatin20Register to vote
155CarewgirlrunLatin1Register to vote
156Careyboydear, pleasant streamLatin1Register to vote
157Carhagirla pillar stoneLatin1Register to vote
158Carinagirla keel, beloved, dearLatin1Register to vote
159Carleoneboyname of placeLatin0Register to vote
160Carlygirllittle, womanlyLatin20Register to vote
161CarmineboysongLatin1Register to vote
162Carneliangirla red gemLatin1Register to vote
163Casildagirlof the homeLatin1Register to vote
164Cassielgirlangel of Saturday, the earthy motherLatin1Register to vote
165CassiusboyvainLatin1Register to vote
166CataleahSouth american orchidLatin0Register to vote
167Cataleyagirllove powerful joy happyLatin2Register to vote
168Catoboysagacious, wise oneLatin0Register to vote
169Ceasarboyto cutLatin0Register to vote
170CecilboyblindLatin1Register to vote
171CeciliagirlblindLatin7Register to vote
172CelestegirlheavenlyLatin19Register to vote
173Cereliagirlof the springLatin1Register to vote
174Cesiliagirlmeans blind and six.Latin0Register to vote
175Charitygirlaffection, charity, brotherly loveLatin3Register to vote
176ChastitygirlpurityLatin2Register to vote
177ChaunceyboychancellorLatin2Register to vote
178ChesterboycampLatin5Register to vote
179Christabelgirlbeautiful ChristianLatin2Register to vote
180ChristinegirlChristian faithLatin3Register to vote
181Ciceroboykeeper of darknessLatin0Register to vote
182CiceronboychickpeaLatin0Register to vote
183Citlalygirla name of starsLatin2Register to vote
184Clairegirlbright, shining, clearLatin46Register to vote
185Clarenceboyclear, brightLatin2Register to vote
186ClarissagirlclearLatin9Register to vote
187ClaudegirllameLatin1Register to vote
188ClementboymercifulLatin0Register to vote
189ClementinegirlmercifulLatin3Register to vote
190ComfortboystrengthenLatin0Register to vote
191Constancegirlfaithful, firmnessLatin8Register to vote
192Constantineboyfaithful, firmnessLatin2Register to vote
193Cooperboycask, barrel makerLatin9Register to vote
194CoppolaboyfreeLatin0Register to vote
195Cordeliagirlrope, heart, a sea jewelLatin6Register to vote
196Cordellboysmall ropeLatin0Register to vote
197CorneliagirlhornLatin3Register to vote
198CorneliusboyhornLatin0Register to vote
199CorwinboyLatin0Register to vote
200CrispinboycurlyLatin0Register to vote
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