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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Everettboywild boarNorse4Register to vote
2FlosgirlchieftainNorse0Register to vote
3GambleboyoldNorse1Register to vote
4GeirboyspearNorse0Register to vote
5Grímaboymask, helmet that hides the faceNorse0Register to vote
6HannagboyNorse1Register to vote
7Helgiboymeaning 'holy' or 'Godly'Norse0Register to vote
8IgorboyheroNorse1Register to vote
9Kelbyboyfrom the farm by the springsNorse1Register to vote
10KerrboymarshlandNorse0Register to vote
11Kirkboyfrom the churchNorse2Register to vote
12LamontboylawyerNorse1Register to vote
13LeifboybelovedNorse3Register to vote
14Magneboyfierce warriorNorse1Register to vote
15Odagirlsmall pointed spearNorse0Register to vote
16Oddvarboythe spear's pointNorse0Register to vote
17Odinboyhead God in NorseNorse4Register to vote
18Olafboytalisman, ancestorNorse0Register to vote
19Oscarboydivine spearNorse1Register to vote
20Oveboyawe, the spear's pointNorse0Register to vote
21Ragnarboya wise leaderNorse2Register to vote
22Ragnhildgirlone who is wise in battleNorse1Register to vote
23RonaldboymightyNorse3Register to vote
24RonaldagirlmightyNorse0Register to vote
25Roscoeboyfrom the deer forestNorse2Register to vote
26SericboysilkNorse0Register to vote
27Sigridgirlwinning adviserNorse1Register to vote
28Skippboyship ownerNorse0Register to vote
29Sutherlandboyfrom the southern landNorse0Register to vote
30Terjeboyof Thor's spearNorse1Register to vote
31ThorboythunderNorse2Register to vote
32ThoragirlthunderNorse0Register to vote
33ThurstonboyThor's stoneNorse1Register to vote
34Torstenboythe stone of ThorNorse0Register to vote
35Turpinboythunder-FinnNorse0Register to vote
36UnniboymodestNorse1Register to vote
37UnnigirlmodestNorse0Register to vote
38Valdagirlspirited warriorNorse0Register to vote
39Yngvarboyof Ing's armyNorse0Register to vote
39 names total