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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Alinagirlbright, beautifulPolish2Register to vote
2AugustynboyPolish0Register to vote
3Aurekboygolden-hairedPolish0Register to vote
4BazyliboyroyaltyPolish1Register to vote
5Bialyboywhite-haired boyPolish0Register to vote
6CalinagirlBeautiful flowerPolish4Register to vote
7Cherishgirlprecious onePolish2Register to vote
8Clemgirlnice, shy, likes rabbitsPolish1Register to vote
9DobryboygoodPolish1Register to vote
10ErekboylovablePolish5Register to vote
11FelciagirlluckyPolish2Register to vote
12Gerikboyprosperous spearmanPolish0Register to vote
13Hadiegirlwonder of earthPolish1Register to vote
14Iwonagirl-Polish0Register to vote
15Jarekboyborn in JanuaryPolish2Register to vote
16Jedrekboystrong, manlyPolish2Register to vote
17JerzyboyfarmerPolish0Register to vote
18Karolinagirlwonderful gracePolish1Register to vote
19KatarzynaPolish0Register to vote
20KingaboyPolish0Register to vote
21MagdalenagirlPolish5Register to vote
22Mandekboyarmy manPolish3Register to vote
23MarcinboywarlikePolish0Register to vote
24MatyldagirlPolish0Register to vote
25Nelekboylike a hornPolish0Register to vote
26Olesiagirlhelper and defender of mankindPolish1Register to vote
27OttomarboyForm of Otto, Left handed, fun onePolish0Register to vote
28Rasinegirla rosePolish0Register to vote
29ReagirlPolish1Register to vote
30SzczepanboyPolish0Register to vote
31TanekboyimmortalPolish0Register to vote
32Tesiagirlloved by GodPolish1Register to vote
33TolagirlpricelessPolish0Register to vote
34Valeskagirlglorious rulerPolish2Register to vote
35Zenevievagirlwhite wave (Polish variation of Genevieve)Polish2Register to vote
36Zotiagirlone with wisdomPolish0Register to vote
36 names total