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1AksanagirlRussian1Register to vote
2AlexisboyLoveyRussian0Register to vote
3AnastasigirlbeautifulRussian1Register to vote
4Anjagirlgrace of GodRussian3Register to vote
5AntoninagirlpricelessRussian2Register to vote
6ArvayagirlRussian0Register to vote
7ArykagirlRussian0Register to vote
8Bohdanagirlfrom godRussian0Register to vote
9Borisboyfight, battlerRussian1Register to vote
10CaspianboyThe largest enclosed body of water in the world; the Caspian SeaRussian0Register to vote
11CyzarinegirlroyaltyRussian3Register to vote
12Fayinagirlfree oneRussian1Register to vote
13FjodorboyRussian0Register to vote
14GalinagirllightRussian0Register to vote
15Gavrieboyman of GodRussian0Register to vote
16GreyagirlBeautiful Russian GoddessRussian2Register to vote
17IrinagirlRussian3Register to vote
18Ivanboyform of JohnRussian4Register to vote
19JasheygirlRussian1Register to vote
20Jelenagirlshining lightRussian2Register to vote
21KalenagirlRussian0Register to vote
22KatiyagirlRussian3Register to vote
23KisagirlkittyRussian0Register to vote
24KiskagirlpureRussian0Register to vote
25Laceygirlcheerful oneRussian50Register to vote
26LestaboyRussian1Register to vote
27Marinagirlsea maidenRussian3Register to vote
28Michaelinagirllike GodRussian0Register to vote
29MilagirlSweetheart in Serbian and RussianRussian2Register to vote
30Mirkoboya peaceful oneRussian0Register to vote
31NadairboyBrave/famed soldier and fearless man/soulRussian1Register to vote
32Nikagirlborn on SundayRussian0Register to vote
33Oarengirlloving,kindRussian0Register to vote
34Oksanagirlglory be to GodRussian3Register to vote
35OlgagirlholyRussian2Register to vote
36PataftagirlRussian0Register to vote
37pennyboylots of welthRussian0Register to vote
38PetrovichboyOne who stunsRussian0Register to vote
39Quisillagirllovely,prettyRussian0Register to vote
40Sachaboyhelper and defender of mankindRussian3Register to vote
41Sashenkagirldefender and helper of mankindRussian0Register to vote
42Sashkagirlstrength and sensualityRussian0Register to vote
43SergeyboyattendantRussian0Register to vote
44SoniagirlwisdomRussian3Register to vote
45SvetlanagirlstarRussian2Register to vote
46Tanyagirlfairy princessRussian12Register to vote
47Teslagirlafter an inventor, a band and a carRussian0Register to vote
48UlyanagirlYouthful Russian0Register to vote
49Ustinboyform of JustinRussian0Register to vote
50VadimboyRussian0Register to vote
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