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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Anyagirlfrom the name AnnaSlavic21Register to vote
2Danicagirlthe morning starSlavic6Register to vote
3NadinegirlhopeSlavic5Register to vote
4NadiagirlhopeSlavic4Register to vote
5LalagirltulipSlavic3Register to vote
6Kamiliagirlsweet flowerSlavic2Register to vote
7Vladimirboyto rule with peace, regalSlavic2Register to vote
8Olegboyone who is holySlavic2Register to vote
9Brodnyboyone who lives near a shallow stream crossingSlavic1Register to vote
10Zorroboygolden dawnSlavic1Register to vote
11Zelimirboywishes for peaceSlavic1Register to vote
12Wieslavboyone with great glorySlavic1Register to vote
13BogdanboyGod's giftSlavic1Register to vote
14RadinkagirlactiveSlavic1Register to vote
15Klavdiagirla lame oneSlavic1Register to vote
16Kasmiragirldemands peaceSlavic1Register to vote
17ChesnagirlpeacefulSlavic1Register to vote
18YarmillagirlmerchantSlavic0Register to vote
19Jaroslavboybeauty of springSlavic0Register to vote
20Kasimirboydemands peaceSlavic0Register to vote
21MiroslavboyfamousSlavic0Register to vote
22Mladenboyforever in youthSlavic0Register to vote
23VelikagirlgreatSlavic0Register to vote
24RadmanboyjoySlavic0Register to vote
25Vencelboywreath, glorySlavic0Register to vote
26Zivenboyvigorous and aliveSlavic0Register to vote
26 names total