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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Carsonboyson of CarrSwedish39Register to vote
2Valfridboystrong peaceSwedish20Register to vote
3CharleegirlSwedish5Register to vote
4Kaleigh girllionessSwedish5Register to vote
5Gunnerboybattle strongSwedish5Register to vote
6GalagirlsingerSwedish4Register to vote
7Ingagirlhero's daughterSwedish3Register to vote
8KajsagirlSwedish3Register to vote
9Devyngirlpoetic goddessSwedish3Register to vote
10Balderboygod of lightSwedish3Register to vote
11HalenboyhallSwedish2Register to vote
12Kristnboystrong willedSwedish2Register to vote
13DaythanboySwedish2Register to vote
14Staffanboya garlandSwedish2Register to vote
15BrigettagirlstrongSwedish2Register to vote
16Hadrianboydark oneSwedish2Register to vote
17MajgirlpearlSwedish2Register to vote
18BeckboybrookSwedish2Register to vote
19Signegirla sign, victoriousSwedish2Register to vote
20Denholmboyhome of the DanesSwedish2Register to vote
21TrindgirlpureSwedish1Register to vote
22KajsagirlSwedish1Register to vote
23SavonA combination of Samantha and JavonSwedish1Register to vote
24JaythengirlSwedish1Register to vote
25OhnagirlForm of AnaSwedish1Register to vote
26remaineboycome here close to meSwedish1Register to vote
27Valborggirla powerful mountainSwedish1Register to vote
28TinnuriboySwedish1Register to vote
29Villeboyform of WilliamSwedish1Register to vote
30Valterboyform of WalterSwedish1Register to vote
31AngboySwedish1Register to vote
32Valdemarboyfamous rulerSwedish1Register to vote
33Bergrenboymountain streamSwedish1Register to vote
34BjornboybearSwedish1Register to vote
35Brandboysword bladeSwedish1Register to vote
36GregerboyvigilantSwedish1Register to vote
37FiskboyfishermanSwedish1Register to vote
38MonseSwedish0Register to vote
39DiniticiagirlSwedish0Register to vote
40JensonboySwedish0Register to vote
41LosalinigirlFijian nameSwedish0Register to vote
42RockoboySwedish0Register to vote
43KerstengirlSwedish queen who gave up her crown for philosophy, kindSwedish0Register to vote
43 names total