Teutonic Names :

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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
151Wilhelminagirlresolute protectorTeutonic3Register to vote
152Willboydetermined guardianTeutonic8Register to vote
153Willagirlfierce protectorTeutonic3Register to vote
154Willardboybold resolveTeutonic2Register to vote
155Willettegirlresolute protectorTeutonic1Register to vote
156Williamboyvaliant protectorTeutonic20Register to vote
157Wolfeboya wolfTeutonic3Register to vote
158Wolfgangboywolf strifeTeutonic1Register to vote
159Wolframboywolf ravenTeutonic2Register to vote
160Yvesboyyew, archerTeutonic2Register to vote
161Yvettegirlyew, archerTeutonic4Register to vote
162ZyanyagirlAlwaysTeutonic1Register to vote
162 names total
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