Yoruban Names :

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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Abionagirlborn on a journeyYoruban3Register to vote
2Olayinkagirlhonors surround meYoruban2Register to vote
3Amokegirlto pet herYoruban1Register to vote
4Bandeleboyborn away from homeYoruban1Register to vote
5Adesinagirlthe way is opened for moreYoruban0Register to vote
6Ainagirlcomplicated deliveryYoruban0Register to vote
7Alakegirlone pettedYoruban0Register to vote
8Aparagirlone who comes and goesYoruban0Register to vote
9Jumokegirleveryone loves the babyYoruban0Register to vote
10Kehindegirlsecond of twinsYoruban0Register to vote
11Kayinboycelebrated childYoruban0Register to vote
12Kikiloluwagirlpraise GodYoruban0Register to vote
13OluwakemigirlGod pamper meYoruban0Register to vote
14InioluwaboyYoruban0Register to vote
15RanielleboyYoruban0Register to vote
16EnteriabgirlThe favoriteYoruban0Register to vote
16 names total