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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51CanyonboyAmerican2Register to vote
52Capersboy0Register to vote
53Cardenboyfrom the black fortressCeltic2Register to vote
54CarelboystrongFrench3Register to vote
55Careyboydear, pleasant streamLatin1Register to vote
56CarianboyWelsh1Register to vote
57Carlboyone who is strong, manTeutonic4Register to vote
58Carlangasboy1Register to vote
59Carleoneboyname of placeLatin0Register to vote
60CarletonboyCarl's townEnglish1Register to vote
61Carlinboylittle championGaelic0Register to vote
62Carlisleboyfrom the walled cityEnglish1Register to vote
63Carloboyversion of CarlItalian, Spanish2Register to vote
64CarlosboybraveAnglo-Saxon, Dutch2Register to vote
65Carlsonboyson of CarlTeutonic0Register to vote
66Carltonboyfrom Carl's farmEnglish1Register to vote
67CarlyleboyCarl's islandEnglish0Register to vote
68CarmineboysongLatin1Register to vote
69CarneyboywarriorCeltic0Register to vote
70Carrboyfrom the marshNorwegian0Register to vote
71Carrickboydweller on the rocky capeGaelic2Register to vote
72CarringtonboybeautifulEnglish2Register to vote
73CarrollboychampionCeltic0Register to vote
74CarsenboyAmerican0Register to vote
75Carsonboyson of CarrSwedish39Register to vote
76Carterboycart driverEnglish29Register to vote
77CartherboyAmerican, Celtic0Register to vote
78Cartiyeboymeaning a kingFrench0Register to vote
79Carverboysculptor, wood carverEnglish3Register to vote
80Caryboyhonest one, shyCeltic2Register to vote
81CaseboychestFrench1Register to vote
82Casenboy2Register to vote
83Caseyboybrave, watchfulCeltic, Gaelic6Register to vote
84Cashboyvain oneAmerican2Register to vote
85CasonboyAmerican1Register to vote
86CasperboytreasurerPersian7Register to vote
87CaspianboyThe largest enclosed body of water in the world; the Caspian SeaRussian0Register to vote
88CassadyboyAmerican0Register to vote
89Cassianboywarrior for the kingCeltic1Register to vote
90CassidyboycleverGaelic5Register to vote
91Cassiumboy0Register to vote
92CassiusboyAustralian0Register to vote
93CassiusboyvainLatin1Register to vote
94Castelboybelonging to a castleSpanish0Register to vote
95CastenboyBold - fighterEnglish1Register to vote
96Castielboy0Register to vote
97CastorboyGreek0Register to vote
98Catbertboy0Register to vote
99CatcherboyBrave, StrongAmerican0Register to vote
100catharenboypure,beautifulEnglish0Register to vote
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