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51Fitzgeraldboyson of GeraldTeutonic0Register to vote
52FjodorboyRussian0Register to vote
53Flanneryboysheet of metal, flat landFrench0Register to vote
54Flemingboya native of FlandersEnglish0Register to vote
55Fletcherboyarrow makerEnglish0Register to vote
56FlinboyFalcon 0Register to vote
57FlintboystreamEnglish0Register to vote
58Flipboy0Register to vote
59Flokeboyguardian of the peopleTeutonic, Norse0Register to vote
60FloreanboyflowerLatin1Register to vote
61Flotsamboy0Register to vote
62Floydboythe hollowEnglish0Register to vote
63Flynnboyson of the red-haired manCeltic5Register to vote
64Fodorboycurly hairedHungarian0Register to vote
65Folkusboypeople, famousHungarian0Register to vote
66Fondaboyprofound, well-basedSpanish0Register to vote
67ForbesboyprosperousEnglish0Register to vote
68Fordboyriver crossingEnglish0Register to vote
69Forestboyout of the woodsFrench0Register to vote
70ForrestboywoodsmanLatin1Register to vote
71Forresterboyprotector of the forestEnglish0Register to vote
72Fosterboyforest keeperFrench0Register to vote
73Foxboycunning animalEnglish2Register to vote
74Francescoboy0Register to vote
75Francisboyfrom France, freeLatin2Register to vote
76FranciscoboyfreeItalian0Register to vote
77FrankboyfreeFrench2Register to vote
78FrankieboyScottish1Register to vote
79Franklinboyfree manFrench0Register to vote
80FraserboystrawberryFrench0Register to vote
81FrasierboystrawberryFrench0Register to vote
82Fredboypeaceful ruler, short for FrederickFrench5Register to vote
83Freddieboypeaceful ruler, short for FrederickFrench1Register to vote
84Frederickboypeaceful rulerGerman0Register to vote
85Fredricboy0Register to vote
86Fredrickboy0Register to vote
87Freeboyin libertyEnglish0Register to vote
88FreemanboyAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
89Fremontboyguardian of freedomGerman0Register to vote
90Frigyesboypeace, mightHungarian0Register to vote
91Fritzboypeaceful rulerTeutonic1Register to vote
92Frodoboy0Register to vote
93Fuddyboy2Register to vote
94FujitaboyfieldJapanese82Register to vote
95Fulfordboywarm funnyAmerican0Register to vote
96Fullerboyclothing presserEnglish1Register to vote
97Fultonboytown near the fieldEnglish0Register to vote
98Fvashoonieboynight trollTeutonic1Register to vote
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