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1IaapboyGod is graciousWelsh0Register to vote
2IagoboysupplanterWelsh, Spanish1Register to vote
3IainboyGod's gracious giftGaelic2Register to vote
4Ianboyform of JohnScottish10Register to vote
5Ibeamakaboythe agnates are splendidAfrican1Register to vote
6Ibiboy0Register to vote
7Ibrahimboya form of Abraham, father of manyTurkish, Arabic2Register to vote
8IchabodboyGlory has departedHebrew2Register to vote
9IchigoboyStrawberryJapanese2Register to vote
10Idanboy2Register to vote
11IdenboyWaiting0Register to vote
12IdrisboyAfrican0Register to vote
13Ieanboy0Register to vote
14Iggyboy 0Register to vote
15IgnaceboyfieryLatin0Register to vote
16Ignacioboyone who is livelyLatin0Register to vote
17IgnatiusboyfieryLatin0Register to vote
18IgnatzboyhayGerman0Register to vote
19IgorboyheroNorse1Register to vote
20IkeboyHe will laughHebrew1Register to vote
21Ikyaakboya muslim nameArabic0Register to vote
22Ilhanboyfirst to the HunsTurkish2Register to vote
23IliasboyJehovah is my GodLatin2Register to vote
24IllianboyIrish1Register to vote
25ImpieboyvirginFinnish0Register to vote
26Imraanboy0Register to vote
27Imreboygreat kingGerman2Register to vote
28InceboyinnocentLatin0Register to vote
29IndependenceboyfreedomAmerican0Register to vote
30Indioboy0Register to vote
31IndraboyGod of rain and thunderHindu0Register to vote
32Indyboyshort for the name Independence; of Indiana (USA)American2Register to vote
33Ingmarboyfamous sonScandinavian0Register to vote
34Ingoboymale leaderScandinavian1Register to vote
35Ingolfboyfrom the Old NorseScandinavian0Register to vote
36Ingramboyhero, ravenTeutonic1Register to vote
37InioluwaboyYoruban0Register to vote
38Iraboywatchful, descendantHindu1Register to vote
39Iravanboyson of Arjuna/UloopiHindu0Register to vote
40Irvinboylover of the seaAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
41IrvingboyhandsomeScottish1Register to vote
42Isaacboylaughing oneHebrew15Register to vote
43Isaiahboysalvation of the LordEnglish, Hebrew10Register to vote
44Ishaboyone who protectsHindu0Register to vote
45IshmaelboyGod will hearHebrew1Register to vote
46IshverboyHindu0Register to vote
47Isiahaboy0Register to vote
48Isidroboygifted with many ideasSpanish1Register to vote
49IsmarielboySpanish0Register to vote
50Israelboyprince of God, may God reignHebrew2Register to vote
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