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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51IsrealboySpanish1Register to vote
52IssacboyVery niceFrench, Native-American1Register to vote
53Iszackboylaughing one0Register to vote
54ItzakboylaughterHebrew0Register to vote
55Itziamarboy0Register to vote
56Ivanboyform of JohnRussian4Register to vote
57Ivantlanboycombination of Ivan, Ian, and LandonAmerican0Register to vote
58Ivarboyarcher, a norse GodNorwegian1Register to vote
59IverboyarcherScandinavian1Register to vote
60Ivesboylittle archerEnglish0Register to vote
61IveyboyEnglish0Register to vote
62Ivorboybowman, lordNorse, Scandinavian, Welsh1Register to vote
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