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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Noahboycomfort, wandererHebrew34Register to vote
2Nathanboygift of GodHebrew17Register to vote
3NolanboynobleGaelic12Register to vote
4Nicholasboyvictorious peopleGreek10Register to vote
5Nathanielboygift of GodHebrew8Register to vote
6Nateboy6Register to vote
7Nevanboyholy, little saintIrish3Register to vote
8NabenduboyHindu3Register to vote
9NealboychampionGaelic3Register to vote
10NashboycliffEnglish3Register to vote
11NiallboyIrish version of Neil but pronounced "Nile"Celtic, Irish3Register to vote
12NeekoboyWondrous; strongHebrew3Register to vote
13Newtboy2Register to vote
14Nickolasboy2Register to vote
15NehemiahboyGod's compassionHebrew2Register to vote
16NayanboyHindu2Register to vote
17NekboyItalian2Register to vote
18Nelsonboyson of a champion, son of NeilEnglish2Register to vote
19Newtonboyresidence nameAnglo-Saxon2Register to vote
20Narcisoboya lily, daffodilLatin2Register to vote
21Nicolasboy2Register to vote
22Nickboy2Register to vote
23Norvinboyman from the northTeutonic1Register to vote
24NeroboypowerfulLatin1Register to vote
25NilesboyIrish1Register to vote
26NeoboynewGreek1Register to vote
27Nevilleboyfrom the new farmlandFrench1Register to vote
28NikhilboyHindu1Register to vote
29NorrisboycaretakerFrench, Latin1Register to vote
30NirelboyGod's fieldHebrew1Register to vote
31NadairboyBrave/famed soldier and fearless man/soulRussian1Register to vote
32Normanboyman from the northFrench, English1Register to vote
33Namdevboypoet, saintHindu1Register to vote
34NeerajboyHindu1Register to vote
35Nabulungboydo not receiveAfrican1Register to vote
36Nikkoboy1Register to vote
37Niharboymist, fog, dewHindu1Register to vote
38Nayibboy1Register to vote
39NaveenboyHindu1Register to vote
40Navaroneboy1Register to vote
41Nachmankeboycompassionate one, one who comfortsHebrew1Register to vote
42Naheemboy1Register to vote
43NaimishboyHindu1Register to vote
44NikeboyvictoryGreek1Register to vote
45Nimaiboyname of Lord KrishnaHindu1Register to vote
46Nashtonboy1Register to vote
47Narsiboypoet, saintHindu1Register to vote
48Nilssonboy1Register to vote
49NikunjboyHindu1Register to vote
50NantanboyspokesmanNative-American1Register to vote
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