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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Nightboy0Register to vote
2Nayibboy1Register to vote
3Nazgûlboy0Register to vote
4Nekolaiboy1Register to vote
5Navaroneboy1Register to vote
6Nymboy0Register to vote
7Nicolasboy2Register to vote
8Nateboy6Register to vote
9Nikkoboy1Register to vote
10Nikiboy0Register to vote
11Novaboy0Register to vote
12Neilboy0Register to vote
13Nejeeboy0Register to vote
14Nikhoboy1Register to vote
15Nicboy0Register to vote
16Nickolasboy2Register to vote
17Nibbsboy0Register to vote
18Nicolóboy0Register to vote
19NiquariboyKing0Register to vote
20Nickboy2Register to vote
21Nylonboy0Register to vote
22Nalrenboy0Register to vote
23Nashtonboy1Register to vote
24Nilssonboy1Register to vote
25Newtboy2Register to vote
26Noelleboy0Register to vote
27Nyjahboy0Register to vote
28Naiemboyloving1Register to vote
29Neimonboy0Register to vote
30Naheemboy1Register to vote
31Nakiahboy0Register to vote
32Nabulungboydo not receiveAfrican1Register to vote
33NaeemboybenevolentAfrican0Register to vote
34Niakaboy(Nee-a-ka)African, Greek0Register to vote
35NimityboyAmerican0Register to vote
36NiccoboyAmerican0Register to vote
37NeshoneboyGood boyAmerican0Register to vote
38Nortonboyresidence nameAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
39Newtonboyresidence nameAnglo-Saxon2Register to vote
40NazyahboyArabic0Register to vote
41NassirboyprotectorArabic0Register to vote
42NuriboyfireArabic1Register to vote
43NazboyShort for Nazeeh or NazyahArabic0Register to vote
44NishanboysignArmenian0Register to vote
45NiallboyIrish version of Neil but pronounced "Nile"Celtic, Irish3Register to vote
46NixonboyChinese0Register to vote
47NilsboychampionDanish0Register to vote
48Newellboyfrom the manor; kernelEnglish0Register to vote
49Nyeboyisland dwellerEnglish0Register to vote
50NyleboyislandEnglish0Register to vote
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