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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
101SawyerboywoodsmanEnglish12Register to vote
102SayerboycarpenterWelsh0Register to vote
103SayleeboyAfrican, American0Register to vote
104Scarboy0Register to vote
105ScarlitboyAmerican0Register to vote
106Schroederboy0Register to vote
107Schuylerboyshield, scholarDutch1Register to vote
108Scottboyfrom ScotlandEnglish7Register to vote
109ScottenboyFrench2Register to vote
110Scoutboy1Register to vote
111Scroogeboy1Register to vote
112Scullyboytown crierCeltic, Gaelic0Register to vote
113Scuttleboy1Register to vote
114Seabertboysea-gloriousEnglish0Register to vote
115SeamusboyIrish8Register to vote
116SeanboyGod's graceCeltic2Register to vote
117Seatonboyfrom Baron's estate; sea townFrench, English0Register to vote
118Sebasteonboystrong, fearlessFrench0Register to vote
119Sebastianboyrevered oneLatin16Register to vote
120SebesboyfastHungarian0Register to vote
121Sedgboy0Register to vote
122Seffboya wolfHebrew0Register to vote
123Seifboysword of religionArabic2Register to vote
124Seiichiboyfirst son of SeiJapanese0Register to vote
125SeleemboySeleemArabic0Register to vote
126SelimboypeaceTurkish0Register to vote
127SemihboyTurkish0Register to vote
128SenachboyGaelic0Register to vote
129SenajitboyHindu0Register to vote
130SencerboyTurkish0Register to vote
131Senichiboyfirst son of SenJapanese0Register to vote
132SennaboyPortugese form of sebastian1Register to vote
133Senonboygiven life by ZeusSpanish1Register to vote
134Seonboy1Register to vote
135SeppboyShort for JosephGerman0Register to vote
136Septimusboyseventh bornLatin1Register to vote
137Sequoiaboy0Register to vote
138Sequoiahboy0Register to vote
139Seraphimboyburning ones, angels, ardentHebrew1Register to vote
140SergeboyattendantLatin0Register to vote
141SergeboyattendantSpanish0Register to vote
142SergeyboyattendantRussian0Register to vote
143SergioboyCeltic0Register to vote
144SergioboyattendantSpanish4Register to vote
145SericboysilkNorse0Register to vote
146SerleboyarmedTeutonic1Register to vote
147Servanboy0Register to vote
148SetantaboyBoyAmerican, Irish0Register to vote
149Sethboyappointed oneHebrew7Register to vote
150Seungboysuccessor, winningKorean0Register to vote
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