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151Sevenboy2Register to vote
152Severinboyriver in EnglandEnglish3Register to vote
153Severusboy1Register to vote
154SevilinboybelovedTurkish0Register to vote
155Sewardboyfrom the seaEnglish0Register to vote
156Sewellboywhite, pale, blondeAmerican0Register to vote
157Seymourboymarshy land near the sea; taylorFrench, English0Register to vote
158Seytonboy0Register to vote
159Sezniboy0Register to vote
160Shaamiemboy0Register to vote
161Shaffarhnboy1Register to vote
162Shaheedboylove childAfrican0Register to vote
163ShailenboyHindu1Register to vote
164ShaileshboyHindu0Register to vote
165ShakarboygratefulArabic1Register to vote
166Shakeemboy0Register to vote
167ShakeilboyAmerican0Register to vote
168ShalabhboyHindu0Register to vote
169ShalinboyHindu0Register to vote
170Shamanboyholy manNative-American1Register to vote
171ShamusboysupplanterIrish2Register to vote
172Shan-Yuboy0Register to vote
173Shandreboy0Register to vote
174ShaneboyGod is graciousIrish5Register to vote
175ShankarboyHindu0Register to vote
176ShantanuboyHindu0Register to vote
177ShantiboyPeaceHungarian0Register to vote
178SharadboyHindu0Register to vote
179SharifboyArabic1Register to vote
180Shashiboythe moon, moonbeamHindu0Register to vote
181Shashwatboyever lastingHindu0Register to vote
182Shawboya groveEnglish0Register to vote
183Shawnboy5Register to vote
184Shaymusboy1Register to vote
185ShayneboyAmerican, English, Norse0Register to vote
186Sheaboyhawk-like, statelyIrish1Register to vote
187Sheehanboylittle peaceful oneGaelic0Register to vote
188SheenboyAmerican0Register to vote
189SheenaboyFirst ListGerman, Greek0Register to vote
190ShelbyboyGaelic0Register to vote
191Sheldonboyprotected hillEnglish0Register to vote
192ShelldonboySmart, picky oneAmerican0Register to vote
193Shelleyboyclearing on a bankEnglish0Register to vote
194Shellyboy0Register to vote
195ShemusboyIrish0Register to vote
196Shenboyspiritual, deep-thinkingChinese0Register to vote
197ShenandoahboyGood landNative-American0Register to vote
198ShenilboyHindu0Register to vote
199Shenziboy0Register to vote
200Shepherdboyone who heards sheepEnglish0Register to vote
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