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1Tylerboytiler, rooferEnglish115Register to vote
2Talonboy10Register to vote
3Theodoreboygift of GodGreek9Register to vote
4Tristanboynoisy one, laborerWelsh, Latin9Register to vote
5Tannerboyleather workerEnglish7Register to vote
6Theoboy7Register to vote
7TerrenceboytenderLatin5Register to vote
8ToddboyfoxEnglish5Register to vote
9Thatcherboyroof fixerEnglish5Register to vote
10TaylorboytailorEnglish5Register to vote
11TobyboyGod is goodHebrew5Register to vote
12TeagenboyAmerican4Register to vote
13Trentboytorrent, dweller by the TrentLatin4Register to vote
14ThomasboytwinGreek4Register to vote
15TobiasboyGod is goodHebrew4Register to vote
16TuckerboytailorEnglish4Register to vote
17TravisboycrossingFrench4Register to vote
18TraceboybraveEnglish4Register to vote
19TelfordboyEnglish3Register to vote
20TevinboyamericanAmerican3Register to vote
21Teoboy3Register to vote
22Teaganboy3Register to vote
23Treyboythird born, threeEnglish3Register to vote
24Tomboy3Register to vote
25TajoboydaySpanish3Register to vote
26Tysonboyson of a German, son of TyFrench3Register to vote
27TavionboyPrince,Leader,ConfidentAfrican3Register to vote
28TeganboydoeCeltic3Register to vote
29Tateboyto be cheerful; windy, a great talkerEnglish3Register to vote
30Tarasboy2Register to vote
31Thaddeusboypraise be to GodHebrew2Register to vote
32TannynboyBold one, energeticAmerican, Anglo-Saxon2Register to vote
33Tariqboystar, pathArabic2Register to vote
34TarkanboyTurkish2Register to vote
35TerrelboythundererEnglish2Register to vote
36Thaneboyattendant warriorEnglish2Register to vote
37TolgaboyTurkish2Register to vote
38Tahiemboy2Register to vote
39Thayerboyof the nation's armyTeutonic2Register to vote
40TyroneboykingGreek2Register to vote
41Talmanboyto injure, to oppressHebrew2Register to vote
42Terryboy2Register to vote
43Timothyboyhonoring GodGreek2Register to vote
44TheronboyhunterGreek2Register to vote
45ThorboythunderNorse2Register to vote
46Troyboy2Register to vote
47Tommyboy2Register to vote
48Tivonboylover of natureHebrew2Register to vote
49Tyboy2Register to vote
50Tabansiboyone who enduresAfrican2Register to vote
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