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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51Wilburboybright resolveTeutonic2Register to vote
52Wildhorseboy0Register to vote
53Wilfredboymuch peaceEnglish1Register to vote
54Wilkboy0Register to vote
55Willboydetermined guardianTeutonic8Register to vote
56Willboy2Register to vote
57Willardboybold resolveTeutonic2Register to vote
58Williamboyvaliant protectorTeutonic20Register to vote
59Willieboy0Register to vote
60Willisboyvariant of Will2Register to vote
61WillmosesboyAfrican0Register to vote
62WillowboywillowEnglish2Register to vote
63WillrayboyCombined for William and RachelAfrican1Register to vote
64WillsonboyAmerican0Register to vote
65Wilmerboywill famousEnglish0Register to vote
66Wilsonboyson of Will1Register to vote
67WiltonboyEnglish0Register to vote
68Winifredboyfriend of peaceEnglish0Register to vote
69Winnieboy1Register to vote
70Winogboy0Register to vote
71Winslowboyfrom the friend's hillEnglish0Register to vote
72Winstonboyjoy stone, victory townEnglish2Register to vote
73WinterboywinterEnglish2Register to vote
74WinthropboyfriendlyEnglish0Register to vote
75WirtboyworthyAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
76WolfboywolfEnglish1Register to vote
77Wolfeboya wolfTeutonic3Register to vote
78Wolfgangboywolf strifeTeutonic1Register to vote
79Wolframboywolf ravenTeutonic2Register to vote
80Wolverineboy0Register to vote
81Woodleyboyresidence name0Register to vote
82Woodrowboyforester, row of houses by a woodEnglish0Register to vote
83Woodstockboy0Register to vote
84WoodwardboyforesterEnglish0Register to vote
85Woodyboy0Register to vote
86Woodyboy0Register to vote
87Worthingtonboyresidence nameAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
88WrenboychiefWelsh3Register to vote
89Wrightboycraftsman, carpenterEnglish0Register to vote
90WulfhereboyAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
91WulfnothboyAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
92Wyattboylittle warrior, waterEnglish38Register to vote
93WylieboyenchantingEnglish0Register to vote
94WymanboywarriorAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
95Wyndamboythe field with the winding pathEnglish0Register to vote
96Wyntonboy1Register to vote
97WyomeboyplainNative-American0Register to vote
98Wystanboybattle stoneAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
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