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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Wolverineboy0Register to vote
2Wilsonboyson of Will1Register to vote
3Willboy2Register to vote
4Wilkboy0Register to vote
5Wildhorseboy0Register to vote
6Willisboyvariant of Will2Register to vote
7Willieboy0Register to vote
8Waidenboy2Register to vote
9Wyntonboy1Register to vote
10Woodyboy0Register to vote
11Winnieboy1Register to vote
12Waydeboyangel from God3Register to vote
13Woodyboy0Register to vote
14Winogboy0Register to vote
15Waleranboy0Register to vote
16WanetteboyFirst child0Register to vote
17Woodleyboyresidence name0Register to vote
18Wallyboy1Register to vote
19Woodstockboy0Register to vote
20Walchelimboy1Register to vote
21WillmosesboyAfrican0Register to vote
22WillrayboyCombined for William and RachelAfrican1Register to vote
23Wadykaboysweet kind strong American1Register to vote
24WalmerboyAmerican1Register to vote
25WaylonboyMan of great voiceAmerican2Register to vote
26WillsonboyAmerican0Register to vote
27Wystanboybattle stoneAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
28Worthingtonboyresidence nameAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
29WareboywaryAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
30WulfhereboyAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
31WulfnothboyAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
32WirtboyworthyAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
33WymanboywarriorAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
34WihtredboyAnglo-Saxon0Register to vote
35WaseemboyArabic3Register to vote
36Wagnerboywagon driverDutch1Register to vote
37Westinboybold, meant to be strongDutch3Register to vote
38Wilmerboywill famousEnglish0Register to vote
39Wellsboyfrom the springsEnglish1Register to vote
40Welcomeboywelcome guestEnglish0Register to vote
41WebsterboyweaverEnglish1Register to vote
42Wayneboywagon makerEnglish0Register to vote
43Winstonboyjoy stone, victory townEnglish2Register to vote
44Waylenboyland near the highwayEnglish4Register to vote
45Waylandboyfrom the path landEnglish2Register to vote
46WolfboywolfEnglish1Register to vote
47Wilfredboymuch peaceEnglish1Register to vote
48Watsonboyson of WalterEnglish1Register to vote
49Waltonboydweller by the wallEnglish1Register to vote
50Winifredboyfriend of peaceEnglish0Register to vote
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