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51Accaliagirlfoster mother of Romulus and RemusLatin2Register to vote
52AcediagirlCzech0Register to vote
53AcelingirlnobleTeutonic1Register to vote
54acelyngirli like this name for a girlAmerican1Register to vote
55Achalgirlsteady, mountainousHindu0Register to vote
56Achaziagirlthe Lord holdsHebrew3Register to vote
57Achengirla twinUgandan0Register to vote
58Achitgirl seperationHindu2Register to vote
59Achlysgirlmist, darknessGreek2Register to vote
60AcsagirlGift from God, Ornament to be admiredHebrew, Spanish1Register to vote
61Adagirlhappy, ornamentTeutonic, Hebrew4Register to vote
62AdaglieegirlA loving sunshine who loves to help everyone in needAmerican, Dutch, Greek, Native-American1Register to vote
63Adahgirlbeautiful additionHebrew7Register to vote
64Adairegirl0Register to vote
65Adalaidegirlnoble, variant of HeidiEnglish15Register to vote
66AdaleighgirlMeans NobleGerman1Register to vote
67Adalgisagirlnoble hostageGerman0Register to vote
68Adaliagirlrefuge of God, just, noble oneHebrew, Arabic, German4Register to vote
69AdalinegirlnobilityEnglish, German7Register to vote
70AdalyngirlAmerican5Register to vote
71Adalynn girlvariation of AdelaideAmerican2Register to vote
72Adaminagirldaughter of the earthHebrew0Register to vote
73AdanelygirlSpanish2Register to vote
74Adaragirlbeauty, virginGreek, Arabic0Register to vote
75Adarely girlSpanish0Register to vote
76AdarihanagirlAddy or Rih for shortAmerican0Register to vote
77Addalin girlAmerican1Register to vote
78AddaLynngirlAmerican4Register to vote
79AddeygirlBeautiful AngelAmerican, Dutch1Register to vote
80AddicyngirlDifferent spelling for AddisonAmerican3Register to vote
81Addiegirljoyful, kindGerman7Register to vote
82AddileegirlAmerican0Register to vote
83Addisongirl"noble"German15Register to vote
84Addisyngirlvariant spelling of AddisonItalian22Register to vote
85Addrianagirlsel-expressiveAmerican3Register to vote
86Addriannegirl1Register to vote
87Addyegirl0Register to vote
88AdeahgirlEnglish1Register to vote
89Adelaidegirlnoble kind, adornedHebrew, Latin12Register to vote
90AdelegirlAmerican, English, French9Register to vote
91Adelia girlFrench3Register to vote
92AdelinagirlnobleGerman4Register to vote
93Adelindgirl1Register to vote
94Adelinegirl7Register to vote
95Adellagirlpretty1Register to vote
96Adelyngirl56Register to vote
97Ademiagirlwithout a husbandGreek0Register to vote
98Adeolagirlcrown has honorAfrican1Register to vote
99Aderagirl American0Register to vote
100Aderesgirlone who protectsHebrew3Register to vote
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