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1Ahmyagirl2Register to vote
2Aubrennegirl0Register to vote
3Avalingirl0Register to vote
4Ajanaegirl3Register to vote
5Aubrynngirl0Register to vote
6Arciegirl0Register to vote
7Aemilliagirl4Register to vote
8Atiyanagirl0Register to vote
9Abriellegirl5Register to vote
10Amberligirl1Register to vote
11Arnishagirl0Register to vote
12Aubrigirl1Register to vote
13Adelinegirl7Register to vote
14Adelindgirl1Register to vote
15Adairegirl0Register to vote
16Alchamygirl1Register to vote
17Allisyngirl1Register to vote
18Alestigirl0Register to vote
19Alericgirl0Register to vote
20Arwengirl6Register to vote
21Airealgirl1Register to vote
22Aubrengirl0Register to vote
23Ambriagirl0Register to vote
24Ariyannagirl4Register to vote
25Arayagirl1Register to vote
26Aneyagirl2Register to vote
27Aryagirl6Register to vote
28Aguilagirl0Register to vote
29Annaleighgirlform of Annalise2Register to vote
30Arranagirl0Register to vote
31Akashagirlspirit or the fifth element0Register to vote
32Adonagirlfeminine of Adolph1Register to vote
33Attumagirl0Register to vote
34Aubryngirl0Register to vote
35Aubringirl0Register to vote
36Ashlynngirl7Register to vote
37Arayahgirl1Register to vote
38Ausianagirl0Register to vote
39Angelisagirl0Register to vote
40Arcannagirl0Register to vote
41Ayelingirl0Register to vote
42Angoragirl0Register to vote
43Amariahgirl2Register to vote
44Andrayagirltrusted by God, royalty1Register to vote
45Aijahgirl0Register to vote
46Abyssiniagirl4Register to vote
47Applegirl1Register to vote
48Audlingirlpallid1Register to vote
49Audoragirl1Register to vote
50Alexaviagirl1Register to vote
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