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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Bryleegirl3Register to vote
2Bethaniegirl2Register to vote
3Bradygirl0Register to vote
4Boagirl0Register to vote
5Bella-nègirl2Register to vote
6Brosegirlcombination of Blare and Rose 0Register to vote
7Birgengirl0Register to vote
8Brittangirl1Register to vote
9B'elannagirl4Register to vote
10Bellalyngirl1Register to vote
11Bechetgirl0Register to vote
12BeyondgirlBeyond2Register to vote
13Brishellegirlborn during rain, female version of Brishen0Register to vote
14Bethzaleegirl0Register to vote
15Brishagirl0Register to vote
16Bryneegirl0Register to vote
17Brigidinegirl0Register to vote
18Bimbettegirl0Register to vote
19Brynnleygirl1Register to vote
20Braylongirl1Register to vote
21Bryliegirl3Register to vote
22Bindeegirl0Register to vote
23Brittgirl0Register to vote
24BarbgirlSweet1Register to vote
25BrennangirlLittle Princess, Raven Haired1Register to vote
26BrookegirlStream16Register to vote
27Braylengirl3Register to vote
28Bayleegirl10Register to vote
29Bentinagirl0Register to vote
30Brysengirl0Register to vote
31BarkergirlHolly2Register to vote
32Bridgittegirl1Register to vote
33Brycegirl2Register to vote
34Breanngirl0Register to vote
35Braelynngirl0Register to vote
36Braydengirl1Register to vote
37Blairegirl3Register to vote
38Bincagirl0Register to vote
39Bellavanigirl1Register to vote
40Blinngirl1Register to vote
41Bemvindagirlwelcome0Register to vote
42Breleighgirl2Register to vote
43BraetongirlBeautiful, one who loves another0Register to vote
44Barnardinegirlbold girl0Register to vote
45Barrettagirla cap0Register to vote
46Bhayanagirl1Register to vote
47Bellalyndgirl0Register to vote
48Bringirl0Register to vote
49Bradigirl1Register to vote
50Bernadinegirlfemale version for Bernard1Register to vote
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