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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1BrooklyngirlwaterEnglish46Register to vote
2BellagirlbeautifulLatin27Register to vote
3BellagirlbeautifulFrench25Register to vote
4Bethanygirlworshiper of GodHebrew19Register to vote
5BaileygirlAmerican17Register to vote
6BrookegirlStream16Register to vote
7BrooklynngirlwaterEnglish16Register to vote
8BridgettegirlFrench15Register to vote
9Blairgirlchild of the fields, from the plainGaelic15Register to vote
10Briellegirlexalted goddessFrench14Register to vote
11BlossomgirllovelyEnglish14Register to vote
12Brynngirlsmall hillCeltic, Gaelic13Register to vote
13BiancagirlwhiteItalian12Register to vote
14Bayleegirl10Register to vote
15Breannagirla petalIrish10Register to vote
16Brennagirlraven maid, dark-hairedCeltic9Register to vote
17Briannagirlstrong oneCeltic, Gaelic8Register to vote
18Baileegirlcourtyard within the wallsEnglish8Register to vote
19Babettegirlstranger, lovelyFrench7Register to vote
20Bridgetgirlresolute, strength, saint, strongCeltic, Irish7Register to vote
21Beatricegirlhappy, bringer of joyLatin7Register to vote
22BreegirlbrothCeltic7Register to vote
23BellegirlbeautifulFrench7Register to vote
24Bronwyngirlfair breastWelsh6Register to vote
25Bellatrixgirlfemale warriorLatin6Register to vote
26BrianagirlstrongCeltic6Register to vote
27Bevingirllady with a sweet songCeltic6Register to vote
28BaleygirlAmerican6Register to vote
29Beatrixgirlshe who blessesLatin5Register to vote
30BriargirlHeatherFrench5Register to vote
31BaylyngirlAmerican4Register to vote
32B'elannagirl4Register to vote
33Brendagirlfiery hill, sword-bladeEnglish4Register to vote
34Briagirlvariant of BrianneEnglish4Register to vote
35BlissgirljoyAnglo-Saxon4Register to vote
36Belladonnagirlbeautiful womanItalian4Register to vote
37BambigirlchildItalian4Register to vote
38BriergirlheatherFrench4Register to vote
39Bonniegirlsweet and goodScottish3Register to vote
40BlythegirljoyousEnglish3Register to vote
41Bethgirlhouse of god, worshiper of GodHebrew3Register to vote
42BathildagirlheroineGerman3Register to vote
43BluegirlcolorNative-American3Register to vote
44Basilgirlroyal, braveGreek, Arabic3Register to vote
45BaylaagirlbeautyFrench3Register to vote
46Bryleegirl3Register to vote
47Breezygirlfrom the IliadSpanish3Register to vote
48Bryngirlhill, coatWelsh, Norwegian3Register to vote
49Bryliegirl3Register to vote
50Bajigirljoyful, tributePersian3Register to vote
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