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101DeagirlGoddess of LoveLatin26Register to vote
102Deangirl0Register to vote
103Deanagirl1Register to vote
104DeandragirlDevine, Gracious, Couragious one of the valleyFrench, Greek, Latin2Register to vote
105Deannagirlpresiding official, valleyLatin7Register to vote
106DeavionegirlFrench0Register to vote
107DeAwnagirlBeautifulAmerican, Hindu, Latin, Norse0Register to vote
108Debbiegirl3Register to vote
109Debbygirl2Register to vote
110Deboragirlalternate spelling for Deborah0Register to vote
111Deborahgirla bee, to speak kind wordsHebrew5Register to vote
112Debragirl2Register to vote
113DeclagirlgoodnessGaelic1Register to vote
114DeenagirlHindu1Register to vote
115Deeniagirl0Register to vote
116DeepaligirlHindu0Register to vote
117Deepikagirla little lightHindu1Register to vote
118DeeptigirlHindu0Register to vote
119Deianiragirlwife of HeraclesGreek1Register to vote
120Deidregirl0Register to vote
121Deienegirlreligious holidayBasque0Register to vote
122Deijoneagirl1Register to vote
123Deiongirl0Register to vote
124DeirdregirlsorrowGaelic2Register to vote
125DejagirlbeforeFrench3Register to vote
126Del Carmengirl0Register to vote
127DelancygirlBeautiful1Register to vote
128DelandriagirlRussian, Spanish0Register to vote
129Delaneygirldescendant of the challengerGaelic22Register to vote
130Delaniegirl7Register to vote
131Delannagirlsoft as woolItalian0Register to vote
132DelanygirlNative-American0Register to vote
133DeLaunygirlAmerican0Register to vote
134DelaynagirlAmerican0Register to vote
135Delbingirldolphin, flower nameGreek0Register to vote
136DeleciagirlPretty one thats lovingSpanish1Register to vote
137DeleshiagirlKind and caring one, business minded, ethical, warm honest loving noble one. 0Register to vote
138Deliagirlvisible from DelosGreek2Register to vote
139Deliciagirldelightful oneLatin2Register to vote
140Delightgirlbeautiful,helpful,and lovely also respectfulAmerican0Register to vote
141Delilahgirldelicate, amorousHebrew7Register to vote
142Delindagirlof prettySpanish0Register to vote
143Dellagirlof nobilityTeutonic2Register to vote
144DelmagirlMeaninf of the seaSpanish0Register to vote
145Delphigirl 0Register to vote
146DelphinegirlcalmnessGreek2Register to vote
147DemagirlFrom Shake It UpAmerican0Register to vote
148DembegirlpeaceUgandan0Register to vote
149Demelzagirlfort on a hillEnglish1Register to vote
150DemetragirlAmerican1Register to vote
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