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151DemetriagirlGoddess of harvestGreek0Register to vote
152DemetriceEMETRICEgirlbeautifulIrish1Register to vote
153Demigirlhalf, smallFrench4Register to vote
154DemianagirlSt. Demiana who was martyred with the 40 Virgins.Arabic0Register to vote
155Demitragirl1Register to vote
156DemitriagirlStrong, Confident pair with a dream of stardom.Irish1Register to vote
157Demphrigirl0Register to vote
158Denagirlvindicated, valleyHebrew, Native American4Register to vote
159Denaegirl2Register to vote
160Denahigirl0Register to vote
161DeNasiahgirlAmerican1Register to vote
162DenetragirlAfrican0Register to vote
163Denettegirl 0Register to vote
164Denigirl0Register to vote
165DeniecegirlAmerican0Register to vote
166Denisegirlof DionysusGreek3Register to vote
167DenishagirlAmerican1Register to vote
168Denyellgirl"The happy"American0Register to vote
169DeonaygirlAfrican, English, French1Register to vote
170Deondragirl0Register to vote
171Deonnagirl0Register to vote
172DeorisgirlGift of GodGreek0Register to vote
173DepgirlbeautifulVietnamese0Register to vote
174Dernhelmgirl0Register to vote
175Desdemonagirlill-fated one, miseryGreek1Register to vote
176DeShayah girl0Register to vote
177Desiregirlto strongly want or needAmerican1Register to vote
178Desireegirlso long hoped for, crave, desireLatin6Register to vote
179DeslyngirlBeautiful one0Register to vote
180DesmiongirlAmerican0Register to vote
181Despinagirl0Register to vote
182DestagirlhappinessEthiopian0Register to vote
183DestanigirlIntelligentAfrican1Register to vote
184DestineegirldestinyFrench0Register to vote
185Destinygirl8Register to vote
186Destrygirlwar horseFrench3Register to vote
187DevagirldivineSanskrit2Register to vote
188Devakigirlblack, mother of KrishnaHindu0Register to vote
189Devigirlresides in heavenHindu3Register to vote
190Devilina girlshe who is born from fire0Register to vote
191DevingirlpoetGaelic4Register to vote
192DevnetgirlpoetCeltic0Register to vote
193DevongirldefenderEnglish1Register to vote
194Devyngirlpoetic goddessSwedish3Register to vote
195Devynngirl0Register to vote
196Dextergirl0Register to vote
197DezaraygirlEnglish American0Register to vote
198DezareagirlLatin2Register to vote
199DeziregirlTo hope for, to want dearlyAfrican1Register to vote
200DezzrahgirlA girl version of Ezra in the bible.Hebrew0Register to vote
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