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151GuilianagirlCuteAmerican, French0Register to vote
152Guineveregirlwhite, fair; white waveWelsh4Register to vote
153GusgirlAmerican0Register to vote
154Gwengirlwhite or fairCeltic4Register to vote
155Gwendolengirl1Register to vote
156Gwendolyngirlwhite browCeltic3Register to vote
157GwenhyvargirlWelsh0Register to vote
158GwenithgirlEnglish0Register to vote
159GweniveregirlWhite, fair and smooth, softFrench, Welsh0Register to vote
160Gwynethgirlwhite; blessed, fortunateWelsh1Register to vote
161Gwyneveregirl1Register to vote
162Gwynnegirlwhite or fairCeltic3Register to vote
163Gülaygirlrose moonTurkish0Register to vote
164GypsygirlwandererEnglish2Register to vote
165Gythagirla giftEnglish0Register to vote
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