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51Georgeannegirl1Register to vote
52Georgettegirlfeminine of GeorgeGreek0Register to vote
53Georgiagirlfarmer, to work the earth, feminine of GeorgeGreek10Register to vote
54Georgianagirlfeminine of GeorgeGreek0Register to vote
55GeorginagirlArabic, English, French, Greek, Latin, Spanish1Register to vote
56Geraldinegirlruler with the spearTeutonic2Register to vote
57GerdagirlprotectionGerman0Register to vote
58GerigirlAmerican1Register to vote
59GermainegirlarmedTeutonic1Register to vote
60Gertrudegirlspear maidenTeutonic0Register to vote
61Gessicagirl1Register to vote
62GevagirlhillHebrew1Register to vote
63Ghazalgirlpoem lovely0Register to vote
64Ghislainegirlsweet pledgeFrench0Register to vote
65Ghitagirl1Register to vote
66Giagirl3Register to vote
67GiacintagirlhyacinthItalian0Register to vote
68Giadagirl1Register to vote
69Gianinagirlgod is graciousItalian1Register to vote
70Giannagirl4Register to vote
71Giavannagirlcute little angelAmerican2Register to vote
72GilanagirljoyHebrew1Register to vote
73GildagirlGod's servantCeltic2Register to vote
74Gilengirlindustrious pledgeTeutonic1Register to vote
75Gilianagirl0Register to vote
76Gilliangirldowny-hairedLatin1Register to vote
77Gilnoragirl0Register to vote
78GingirlsilverJapanese1Register to vote
79GinagirlsilveryJapanese4Register to vote
80GindygirlThe loved one0Register to vote
81Ginesiagirl0Register to vote
82GinevragirlFair and SmoothWelsh0Register to vote
83Gingergirlginger plantLatin7Register to vote
84Ginnagirl0Register to vote
85Ginnygirl3Register to vote
86Ginoniegirl0Register to vote
87Giovannagirl3Register to vote
88GirijagirlHindu0Register to vote
89GisellagirlFrench, Spanish1Register to vote
90Gisellegirla pledgeGerman10Register to vote
91GitagirlHindu1Register to vote
92GitanagirlgypsySpanish2Register to vote
93GitanjaligirlHindu0Register to vote
94GithagirlgiftAnglo-Saxon1Register to vote
95GitikagirlHindu0Register to vote
96Giuliagirl0Register to vote
97Giulianagirl0Register to vote
98GizanegirlChrist's incarnationBasque0Register to vote
99GizemgirlmysteriousTurkish0Register to vote
100GladysgirllameLatin0Register to vote
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