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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
101HenagirlHindu0Register to vote
102HenggirlChinese1Register to vote
103HenggirlChinese0Register to vote
104Henkagirlruler of an estateTeutonic0Register to vote
105Hennagirl2Register to vote
106Henrigirlof water, wind, fire, shadows, earth, plants, animals and loved by GodGerman2Register to vote
107Henriettagirlruler of the homeGerman3Register to vote
108Heragirlqueen of the godsGreek2Register to vote
109HerlindagirlFlower1Register to vote
110Hermelindagirlshield of powerSpanish0Register to vote
111Herminiagirllady of the earthSpanish0Register to vote
112Hermionegirleloquence4Register to vote
113HerogirlA unique and strong spiritEnglish0Register to vote
114Hespergirlevening starGreek0Register to vote
115HesperanzagirlSpanish1Register to vote
116Hestergirlstar1Register to vote
117HetalgirlHindu1Register to vote
118Hettiegirl0Register to vote
119Hettygirla starPersian0Register to vote
120HetvigirlLoveHindu0Register to vote
121HevleegirlLike Heaven and Lee combinedAmerican0Register to vote
122HeyleygirlGod is my strengthAmerican, Irish1Register to vote
123HiedeigirlSame as HeidiAmerican0Register to vote
124HikarigirlLightJapanese2Register to vote
125Hilareegirl0Register to vote
126Hilarigirl0Register to vote
127HilarygirlcheerfulLatin2Register to vote
128HildagirlprotectorScandinavian1Register to vote
129Hillareegirl0Register to vote
130Hillarigirl0Register to vote
131Hillarygirl2Register to vote
132Hilogirlmeans hiHindu1Register to vote
133HimekagirlSunJapanese3Register to vote
134HinagirlHindu2Register to vote
135HinatagirlThe sun,sunnyLatin0Register to vote
136Hindagirlfemale deerHindu1Register to vote
137Hiraanigirl0Register to vote
138Hisagirllong-lastingJapanese0Register to vote
139HivergirlwinterFrench1Register to vote
140HiyagirlHeartHindu0Register to vote
141Hoku-Lelegirlfalling starHawaiian1Register to vote
142Hollegirl0Register to vote
143HolligirlAmerican, English0Register to vote
144Holliegirl0Register to vote
145Hollygirlplant with red berries, holly groveEnglish15Register to vote
146Hollyngirl2Register to vote
147Holmesgirl0Register to vote
148HoneygirlhoneyEnglish2Register to vote
149Honey BeegirlFull of life, gentleFrench1Register to vote
150Honeyblossomgirl2Register to vote
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