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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Hannahgirlgrace of GodHebrew263Register to vote
2HazelgirlcommanderEnglish52Register to vote
3HeathergirlheatherEnglish45Register to vote
4Hopegirltrust, faithEnglish44Register to vote
5Haileygirl32Register to vote
6Hayleegirlfrom the hay meadowEnglish20Register to vote
7Harmonygirla beautiful blendingEnglish17Register to vote
8HaleygirlheroScandinavian16Register to vote
9Hollygirlplant with red berries, holly groveEnglish15Register to vote
10HadleygirlMeadow of Heather15Register to vote
11Halliegirlthinking of the seaGreek14Register to vote
12HarpergirlAmerican13Register to vote
13HaydengirlEnglish12Register to vote
14HelenagirllightGreek12Register to vote
15Harleygirl9Register to vote
16Heidigirlnoble, kindGerman8Register to vote
17HarlowgirlEnglish7Register to vote
18Haelyngirl6Register to vote
19Hadassagirlflowering myrtleHebrew5Register to vote
20Hattiegirlmistress of the homeTeutonic5Register to vote
21Helengirlbright one, torchlight, lightGreek5Register to vote
22Harrietgirlhome ruler4Register to vote
23HabikagirlsweetheartAfrican4Register to vote
24Hadaragirlbedecked in beautyHebrew4Register to vote
25HuntergirlIrish4Register to vote
26HalogirlDivine AuraGreek4Register to vote
27Hermionegirleloquence4Register to vote
28Hallegirl4Register to vote
29HaaleegirlAmerican4Register to vote
30HarikagirlwonderfulTurkish3Register to vote
31HadleighgirlAmerican3Register to vote
32Hayleygirl3Register to vote
33HimekagirlSunJapanese3Register to vote
34Hailyanagirl3Register to vote
35HavengirlA safe place American, Anglo-Saxon3Register to vote
36Henriettagirlruler of the homeGerman3Register to vote
37Hareldagirlmighty in battleTeutonic3Register to vote
38Honeyblossomgirl2Register to vote
39Hailiegirl2Register to vote
40Hollyngirl2Register to vote
41HikarigirlLightJapanese2Register to vote
42HoneygirlhoneyEnglish2Register to vote
43HaifagirlslenderArabic2Register to vote
44HaideegirlmodestGreek2Register to vote
45Hannagirl2Register to vote
46Haleighgirl2Register to vote
47Halegirlhero; army rulerEnglish2Register to vote
48Helenegirl2Register to vote
49Henrigirlof water, wind, fire, shadows, earth, plants, animals and loved by GodGerman2Register to vote
50Heavenlygirl2Register to vote
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