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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Kayleighgirl41Register to vote
2Katelyngirl18Register to vote
3Katiegirl17Register to vote
4Kiragirllight; sunLatin16Register to vote
5KategirlpureGreek16Register to vote
6Ka'Liyahgirlkind hearted15Register to vote
7KeiragirlBlack HairedIrish14Register to vote
8KaragirlpureGreek13Register to vote
9Kendallgirlruler of the valleyCeltic12Register to vote
10KaiagirlearthGreek11Register to vote
11KadencegirlAmerican10Register to vote
12Kennedygirl10Register to vote
13Kaceygirleagle-eyedIrish9Register to vote
14Kailyngirl9Register to vote
15KyliegirlboomerangAborigine9Register to vote
16Kaitlyngirllittle darlingCeltic9Register to vote
17Kennettegirlderived from Kenneth, handsome9Register to vote
18Kamryngirl9Register to vote
19KelseygirlCeol's island, beautiful island; from the ship's island, shipping harborEnglish8Register to vote
20Kailanigirl7Register to vote
21Kiaragirl7Register to vote
22KaelyngirlmeadowEnglish7Register to vote
23KaileygirlunusualArabic7Register to vote
24KayleegirlEnglish7Register to vote
25Karsyngirl7Register to vote
26KaelanigirlHawaiian7Register to vote
27Keegangirl6Register to vote
28Kennedigirl6Register to vote
29Kellygirlchurch, warrior, wood, holly; farm by the springGaelic, Teutonic6Register to vote
30Kaigirlsea, willow treeHawaiian6Register to vote
31Kellangirlwarrior princessGaelic6Register to vote
32Kalanigirlstanding strong without fearAmerican, Chinese5Register to vote
33Kaydengirl5Register to vote
34Kaileegirlkeeper of the keys, pureAmerican5Register to vote
35Keelygirlbeautiful and gracefulGaelic5Register to vote
36KimgirlchiefEnglish5Register to vote
37Kaleigh girllionessSwedish5Register to vote
38KaiyagirlforgivenessJapanese5Register to vote
39Kendragirlunderstanding, knowledgeAnglo-Saxon5Register to vote
40Kyragirlsun5Register to vote
41KaleagirlbrightHawaiian5Register to vote
42Kayagirlmy elder sister-littleNative-American5Register to vote
43Kylagirlnarrow, narrow channel, honor, lovelyGaelic, English, Scottish5Register to vote
44KatherinegirlpureGreek4Register to vote
45Kaydencegirl4Register to vote
46Kenzliegirla twist for kenzieAmerican4Register to vote
47Kearagirlfrom a saint's nameIrish4Register to vote
48Kadyngirl4Register to vote
49Kieragirl4Register to vote
50KenleighgirlIrish4Register to vote
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