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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Shaynegirl1Register to vote
2Sharigirl1Register to vote
3Shellygirl1Register to vote
4Sailorgirl5Register to vote
5Satchelgirl1Register to vote
6Sandygirl2Register to vote
7Samariagirl1Register to vote
8Shaunagirl0Register to vote
9Sherrygirl0Register to vote
10Shelbigirl0Register to vote
11Sawyergirl1Register to vote
12Shannagirl1Register to vote
13Selahgirlfrom Psalms in the Bible meaning pause and calmly think of that5Register to vote
14Seragirl1Register to vote
15Sedeliagirl0Register to vote
16Salenegirl3Register to vote
17Shiangirl0Register to vote
18Shaynagirl0Register to vote
19Samiagirl1Register to vote
20Shastagirl0Register to vote
21Salmagirl0Register to vote
22Schaegirl1Register to vote
23Shantelgirl2Register to vote
24Scoutgirl0Register to vote
25Shelaniegirl0Register to vote
26Saegirl1Register to vote
27Sabihagirl4Register to vote
28Sashagirl16Register to vote
29Shawnciegirl0Register to vote
30Sharseiagirl0Register to vote
31Samariegirl0Register to vote
32Shawmbriagirl0Register to vote
33Samulariagirlsweet one forever1Register to vote
34Sequoragirl0Register to vote
35Savannahgirl49Register to vote
36Sharmilagirl0Register to vote
37Shantinagirlwarrior princess0Register to vote
38Shelleygirl0Register to vote
39Sellachiagirl0Register to vote
40Serenegirl1Register to vote
41Samgirl1Register to vote
42Safarigirl0Register to vote
43Sharaygirl1Register to vote
44Saffrongirl1Register to vote
45Sherylgirl1Register to vote
46Saragirl9Register to vote
47Sagegirl22Register to vote
48Sarabigirl1Register to vote
49Sheagirl1Register to vote
50Shenzigirl0Register to vote
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