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151SarikagirlthrushHindu0Register to vote
152Sarinagirl2Register to vote
153SarinegirlPureAfrican, American0Register to vote
154SarishagirlcharmingHindu0Register to vote
155Saritagirlstream, riverHindu1Register to vote
156Sariyagirl2Register to vote
157Sarmisthagirla daughter of VrsaparvanHindu0Register to vote
158SarugirlHindu0Register to vote
159Sarynngirl0Register to vote
160Saryugirla river in RamayanaHindu0Register to vote
161Sashagirl16Register to vote
162Sashenkagirldefender and helper of mankindRussian0Register to vote
163SashigirlHindu0Register to vote
164SashikagirlWarriorSpanish0Register to vote
165Sashkagirlstrength and sensualityRussian0Register to vote
166Saskiagirl0Register to vote
167SasthigirlHindu0Register to vote
168Satchelgirl1Register to vote
169Satinkagirlmagic dancerNative-American1Register to vote
170SativagirlAmerican0Register to vote
171Satokogirlchild of SatoJapanese0Register to vote
172SatyagirlHindu0Register to vote
173Satyavatigirlmother of VyasaHindu0Register to vote
174SaumyagirlHindu0Register to vote
175SaundaryagirlHindu0Register to vote
176SauranagirlLizardLatin0Register to vote
177Savannagirlfrom the open plainSpanish13Register to vote
178Savannahgirl49Register to vote
179Savarnagirldaughter of the oceanHindu1Register to vote
180SavengirlAfrican, American1Register to vote
181SavitagirlsunHindu0Register to vote
182Savitrigirla form of the Devi, 4th SaktiHindu0Register to vote
183Savvygirl1Register to vote
184SaweragirlFirst Sun Of The Day0Register to vote
185Sawyergirl1Register to vote
186Saxongirllarge stone; swordsmanLatin1Register to vote
187Sayagirl0Register to vote
188Sayhannagirlgreat middle nameNative-American0Register to vote
189Sayokogirlchild of SayoJapanese0Register to vote
190SayurigirlLilyJapanese0Register to vote
191ScarlagirlA combination of Scarlet and Carla American1Register to vote
192Scarletgirldeep redEnglish16Register to vote
193ScarlettgirlredEnglish53Register to vote
194ScarlettegirlProunouced Scar-let. Means powerful, strong, beautiful. English3Register to vote
195Schaegirl1Register to vote
196SchmetterlinggirlbutterflyGerman2Register to vote
197Schuylergirlshield, scholarDutch0Register to vote
198Scotagirlan Irish womanLatin0Register to vote
199ScottiegirlAmerican2Register to vote
200Scoutgirl0Register to vote
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