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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51Vedagirl0Register to vote
52Vedettegirlwatch towerFrench31Register to vote
53VeenagirlHindu0Register to vote
54VeenagirlgoddessHindu0Register to vote
55Vegagirlfalling starArabic0Register to vote
56Veledagirlof inspired wisdomTeutonic1Register to vote
57VelikagirlgreatSlavic0Register to vote
58VelvetgirlfabricEnglish3Register to vote
59VenassagirlAmerican1Register to vote
60VendelagirlScandinavian2Register to vote
61Venetiagirlfrom VeniceItalian2Register to vote
62Venicegirlbeautiful place in italy202Register to vote
63Venishagirl1Register to vote
64VenitiagirlmercyItalian0Register to vote
65VenitragirlAfrican, American, Native-American0Register to vote
66VennelagirlMoonlightAfrican, Hindu0Register to vote
67VenusgirlRoman version of the Greek mythology goddess Aphrodite "Goddess of Love and Beauty"Greek1Register to vote
68Veragirltruth, faithLatin7Register to vote
69VerdagirlSpringlikeLatin2Register to vote
70VerenagirldefenderTeutonic2Register to vote
71Veritygirlverity, truthEnglish3Register to vote
72VeronagirlCity from Romeo and Juliet 205Register to vote
73Veronibethgirlbeautiful, love of god, brown hair47Register to vote
74Veronicagirltrue imageLatin9Register to vote
75Veronique girlAmerican0Register to vote
76VerringirlFrench27Register to vote
77VesnagirlGoddess of springCroatian, Greek1Register to vote
78VespergirleveningLatin0Register to vote
79Vestagirlguardian of the sacred fireLatin1Register to vote
80Vevaygirlwhite waveWelsh0Register to vote
81Vevilagirlwoman with a melodious voiceGaelic0Register to vote
82Vevinagirlsweet ladyLatin0Register to vote
83Vhenekagirllight African0Register to vote
84Viancagirlloving and caring daughter.Spanish1Register to vote
85VibhutigirlHindu0Register to vote
86Vicalyngirlevil enchantressGaelic0Register to vote
87Vickigirl0Register to vote
88Vickygirl0Register to vote
89Victoragirlnickname for Victoria0Register to vote
90VictoriagirlvictoryLatin30Register to vote
91VictoriquegirlA variation of VictoriaEnglish0Register to vote
92Videttegirlthe belovedHebrew0Register to vote
93Vidoniagirlvine branchLatin0Register to vote
94Vidyagirlwisdom, knowledgeHindu0Register to vote
95Vienngirl French28Register to vote
96Viennagirlfrom wine countryLatin1Register to vote
97VikashnigirlBright,PrettyHindu0Register to vote
98VikritigirlHindu0Register to vote
99Vimalagirlpure, sakti of the Gayatri DeviHindu0Register to vote
100Vinatagirlhumble, mother of GarudaHindu0Register to vote
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