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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1ViolettegirlVioletFrench207Register to vote
2VeronagirlCity from Romeo and Juliet 205Register to vote
3Venicegirlbeautiful place in italy202Register to vote
4Volettagirlthe veiledFrench48Register to vote
5VinvellagirlFrench48Register to vote
6Veronibethgirlbeautiful, love of god, brown hair47Register to vote
7VioletgirlvioletLatin45Register to vote
8Vedettegirlwatch towerFrench31Register to vote
9VictoriagirlvictoryLatin30Register to vote
10Vienngirl French28Register to vote
11Viviennegirl.French28Register to vote
12VerringirlFrench27Register to vote
13Valeriegirlvalor, strongFrench, Latin17Register to vote
14Viviangirlliving, livelyLatin10Register to vote
15Veronicagirltrue imageLatin9Register to vote
16Virginiagirlchaste, maidenLatin8Register to vote
17Veragirltruth, faithLatin7Register to vote
18Vanessagirla butterflyGreek5Register to vote
19VaniagirlGod's giftRussian4Register to vote
20Valentinagirlstrong or valiantLatin3Register to vote
21Veritygirlverity, truthEnglish3Register to vote
22VelvetgirlfabricEnglish3Register to vote
23Violettagirl3Register to vote
24Vangirlfrom, ofDutch3Register to vote
25Vadagirl3Register to vote
26Violagirl2Register to vote
27Vanyagirlgracious gift of GodRussian2Register to vote
28VendelagirlScandinavian2Register to vote
29Venetiagirlfrom VeniceItalian2Register to vote
30VerenagirldefenderTeutonic2Register to vote
31VerdagirlSpringlikeLatin2Register to vote
32Vailgirlfrom the valleyFrench2Register to vote
33VaisakhigirlHindu2Register to vote
34VardagirlroseHebrew2Register to vote
35VivennegirlAmerican2Register to vote
36Vannagirl2Register to vote
37VayagirlGoSpanish2Register to vote
38Vandeshagirlkind sweet and loving2Register to vote
39ValenciagirlbraveryLatin2Register to vote
40Valeskagirlglorious rulerPolish2Register to vote
41Viridisgirlyouthful and bloomingLatin1Register to vote
42Venishagirl1Register to vote
43Valborggirla powerful mountainSwedish1Register to vote
44Valedagirlstrong or healthyLatin1Register to vote
45Veledagirlof inspired wisdomTeutonic1Register to vote
46Viennagirlfrom wine countryLatin1Register to vote
47Valkyriegirl1Register to vote
48Vanoragirlwhite waveScottish1Register to vote
49Varinagirl1Register to vote
50VarshagirlrainHindu1Register to vote
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