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101Jayongirla gift from GodAfrican0Register to vote
102Jayvynboylight spiritAfrican3Register to vote
103JelaniboymightyAfrican0Register to vote
104Jendayigirlgive thanksAfrican1Register to vote
105Jezabellgirl African0Register to vote
106JoigirlAfrican0Register to vote
107JoiagirlAfrican0Register to vote
108JouneboyAfrican1Register to vote
109Juantisa girlunique to GodAfrican0Register to vote
110Jumaboyborn on a FridayAfrican0Register to vote
111Ka'DorinaboyafricanAfrican4Register to vote
112Ka'nahgirlAfrican3Register to vote
113Kadijagirlthe prophet's wiltAfrican1Register to vote
114kaelongirlAfrican1Register to vote
115KaelonboyAfrican0Register to vote
116Kambogirlmust work for everythingAfrican0Register to vote
117KanahboyAfrican2Register to vote
118KandicegirlAfrican3Register to vote
119Kanenegirla little thing in the eye is bigAfrican0Register to vote
120Kaperagirlthis child, too, will dieAfrican0Register to vote
121KarimahgirlgenerousAfrican1Register to vote
122Kariyaboywise , soft-spokenAfrican0Register to vote
123Kasindagirlborn to a family with twinsAfrican0Register to vote
124Kasuubogirla beautifull robinAfrican0Register to vote
125KatariniagirlbeautiulAfrican1Register to vote
126Kaylaishagirlblessing from heavenAfrican3Register to vote
127Keebagirlquiet yet smartAfrican0Register to vote
128KeenagirlAfrican goddnessAfrican0Register to vote
129KeishagirlfavoriteAfrican0Register to vote
130KendelboyAfrican0Register to vote
131KesiagirlfavoriteAfrican0Register to vote
132KeyaragirlAfrican2Register to vote
133KeymanigirljoyfulAfrican0Register to vote
134Kiadragirlblessing from heavenAfrican0Register to vote
135KierragirlSmartAfrican0Register to vote
136KikoboyCrazy kidAfrican0Register to vote
137KitokogirlBeautifulAfrican0Register to vote
138KofiboyAfrican0Register to vote
139KydelboyAwesomeAfrican0Register to vote
140Kylaishagirlblessing from heavenAfrican1Register to vote
141La'MayagirlAfrican2Register to vote
142La'NieyagirlLa-Nie-ahhAfrican1Register to vote
143LaCrayshagirlAfrican1Register to vote
144LakethagirlAfrican1Register to vote
145Laquanagirlthe sunAfrican1Register to vote
146LashawnagirlFairAfrican1Register to vote
147Lateefahgirlgentle, pleasantAfrican1Register to vote
148LegacygirlAfrican2Register to vote
149LimbergirljoyfulnessAfrican1Register to vote
150Ljeomagirlsafe journey through lifeAfrican0Register to vote
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