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151Mableviboydo not deceiveAfrican1Register to vote
152MaelynnSpringAfrican1Register to vote
153MaizahgirldiscerningAfrican1Register to vote
154MakilagirlbeautifulAfrican0Register to vote
155MaKiyagirltrue wisdomAfrican0Register to vote
156MalayahboyAfrican0Register to vote
157Malikagirlqueen, princessAfrican3Register to vote
158Malkiagirlqueen or chosen oneAfrican1Register to vote
159MandisagirlsweetAfrican0Register to vote
160Mar'QuiseboyAfrican0Register to vote
161MarjanigirlcoralAfrican0Register to vote
162MarvelgirlawesomeAfrican0Register to vote
163Mazynee'girlAfrican0Register to vote
164MensahboyThird ChildAfrican0Register to vote
165MiracleboyTo have a baby is a miracleAfrican0Register to vote
166Musuuboboya beautifull robinAfrican0Register to vote
167MutekangaboyA brave manAfrican0Register to vote
168Muvakiboythe builderAfrican0Register to vote
169Nabelunggirlbeautiful oneAfrican2Register to vote
170Nabulungboydo not receiveAfrican1Register to vote
171NadharigirlVisionAfrican1Register to vote
172NaeemboybenevolentAfrican0Register to vote
173NailahgirlsucceedingAfrican0Register to vote
174NarkeashagirlprettyAfrican0Register to vote
175NokutendagirlBy faithAfrican0Register to vote
176Nubiagirlbeautifull, wise,athleticAfrican0Register to vote
177NykyagirlAfrican0Register to vote
178Obiajuluboythe heart is consoledAfrican1Register to vote
179OghenekparoborboyThe Lord has won the battleAfrican0Register to vote
180OghenesasomomaboyThe Lord has made me glad.African0Register to vote
181OliakugirlShe who enjoys wealthAfrican2Register to vote
182OlisakweboyGod willingAfrican0Register to vote
183OmobolanlegirlChild Meet wealth at homeAfrican0Register to vote
184OniAfrican0Register to vote
185OnyebuchiboyNo body is GodAfrican0Register to vote
186OwamigirlShe is mineAfrican0Register to vote
187PanasheboyWhere the Lord is.African0Register to vote
188Pembagirlthe force of present existenceAfrican0Register to vote
189PphenyoboyAfrican1Register to vote
190Praldenboycute and lovableAfrican0Register to vote
191QuinntenboyboyAfrican0Register to vote
192Ra'kaylagirlAfrican7Register to vote
193Ra'kiaylahgirlAfrican2Register to vote
194RaeQuanboyAfrican0Register to vote
195RafikiboyfriendAfrican1Register to vote
196RaNilagirlAfrican1Register to vote
197RashadboyAfrican1Register to vote
198RashidagirlrighteousAfrican2Register to vote
199RaziboysecretAfrican2Register to vote
200RaziyagirlagreeableAfrican2Register to vote
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