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1AakarshanboyattractionHindu11Register to vote
2AaryanboyIllustrious,StrongHindu11Register to vote
3AayushboyGoodHindu3Register to vote
4Abhagirllustrous beautyHindu2Register to vote
5Abhayboya son of DharmaHindu1Register to vote
6AbhiboyfearlessHindu3Register to vote
7Abhijitboya constellation dear to HariHindu1Register to vote
8AbhilashagirldesireHindu0Register to vote
9AbhinandboycongratsHindu0Register to vote
10AbhinandanboycongratsHindu2Register to vote
11AbhinandanagirlcongratsHindu2Register to vote
12Abhinavboyquite newHindu4Register to vote
13Abhishekboyshower of milk/water over an idolHindu1Register to vote
14Achalgirlsteady, mountainousHindu0Register to vote
15Achintyaboybeyond imagination/beyond comprehension.Hindu3Register to vote
16Achitgirl seperationHindu2Register to vote
17Achyutaboya name of VishnuHindu0Register to vote
18AdhanyagirlprincessHindu3Register to vote
19AdhiragirllightningHindu2Register to vote
20AdishreegirlexaltedHindu0Register to vote
21Aditigirlfree and unboundedHindu2Register to vote
22Adityaboylord of the sunHindu0Register to vote
23Ahimsagirlnonviolent virtueHindu1Register to vote
24Ajatashatruboya name of VishnuHindu1Register to vote
25AjayboyHindu0Register to vote
26Ajaygirlunconquerable, godHindu0Register to vote
27AjitboyunconquerableHindu0Register to vote
28Ajitabhboyone who has conquered the skyHindu2Register to vote
29AkaashboyskyHindu0Register to vote
30Akankshagirldesire, wishHindu0Register to vote
31Akilboyintelligent, logicalHindu0Register to vote
32AkritigirldiagramHindu0Register to vote
33Akshayboyname of a GodHindu0Register to vote
34AkshitagirlseenHindu1Register to vote
35AkutigirlprincessHindu0Register to vote
36AlankritagirlHindu1Register to vote
37AlinahgirlHawaiianHindu2Register to vote
38Alkagirllong hairHindu1Register to vote
39Alokboycry of victoryHindu1Register to vote
40AlpagirllittleHindu0Register to vote
41Amalboybright, clean, pure; hope, wish, dreamHindu0Register to vote
42Amalgirlbright, clean, pure; hope, wish, dreamHindu1Register to vote
43Amandeepgirllight of peaceHindu1Register to vote
44AmarboyforeverHindu0Register to vote
45AmbargirlskyHindu1Register to vote
46Amberleygirlthe skyHindu1Register to vote
47Ambikagirlgoddess of destructionHindu1Register to vote
48AmishagirlHindu2Register to vote
49AmitboyendlessHindu2Register to vote
50Amitagirlwithout limitsHindu0Register to vote
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