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101MiyukigirlJapanese0Register to vote
102Momokogirlchild of MomoJapanese1Register to vote
103Mutsukogirlchild of MutsuJapanese0Register to vote
104Nahokogirlchild of NahoJapanese0Register to vote
105NamigirlwaveJapanese1Register to vote
106NamiegirlWaveJapanese0Register to vote
107Namikogirlchild of NamiJapanese0Register to vote
108Nanakogirlchild of NanaJapanese2Register to vote
109Naokogirlchild of NaoJapanese0Register to vote
110Natsukogirlchild of NayoJapanese0Register to vote
111Nayokogirlchild of NayoJapanese0Register to vote
112NekogirlcatJapanese1Register to vote
113NelielgirlJapanese0Register to vote
114NerugirlJapanese0Register to vote
115NorigirldoctrineJapanese0Register to vote
116Norikogirldoctrine childJapanese0Register to vote
117NozomigirlhopeJapanese0Register to vote
118OdolfboyJapanese0Register to vote
119RaigirltrustJapanese2Register to vote
120Raidonboythunder GodJapanese4Register to vote
121ReigirlgratitudeJapanese1Register to vote
122Reikogirlchild of Rei, gratitudeJapanese0Register to vote
123Rengirlwater lilyJapanese0Register to vote
124Riekogirlchild of RieJapanese0Register to vote
125Rikakogirlchild of RikaJapanese0Register to vote
126Rinakogirlchild of RinaJapanese0Register to vote
127Ringoboyapple, peace be with youJapanese0Register to vote
128Rinigirllittle bunnyJapanese1Register to vote
129Risakogirlchild of RisaJapanese0Register to vote
130Ritsukogirlchild of RitsuJapanese0Register to vote
131RoninboySamurai without a masterJapanese3Register to vote
132Rumikogirlchild of RumiJapanese0Register to vote
133Ryoichiboyfirst son of RyoJapanese0Register to vote
134Ryokogirlchild of RyoJapanese0Register to vote
135Ryozoboythird son of RyoJapanese0Register to vote
136RyuboyJapanese0Register to vote
137Ryuichiboyfirst son of RyuJapanese0Register to vote
138RyusukeboyDragon boyJapanese0Register to vote
139SaayaboySwift arrowJapanese3Register to vote
140Sachikogirlbliss, child of SachiJapanese1Register to vote
141Sadakogirlpure, innocentJapanese3Register to vote
142Saekogirlchild of SaeJapanese1Register to vote
143Sakikogirlchild of SakiJapanese1Register to vote
144Sakukogirlchild of SakuJapanese0Register to vote
145Sakuragirlcherry blossomsJapanese10Register to vote
146Sakurakogirlchild of SakuraJapanese0Register to vote
147Sanagirl Japanese0Register to vote
148Sanakogirlchild of SanaJapanese1Register to vote
149Sasukeboybringing help Japanese2Register to vote
150Satokogirlchild of SatoJapanese0Register to vote
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