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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
201YukigirlSnowJapanese2Register to vote
202Yukikogirlchild of YukiJapanese0Register to vote
203Yukioboygets what he wants, God will nourishJapanese0Register to vote
204Yuligirl Japanese1Register to vote
205Yumakogirlchild of YumaJapanese0Register to vote
206YumemigirlDay-dreamerJapanese0Register to vote
207YumigirlbeautyJapanese1Register to vote
208Yumikogirlchild of YumiJapanese0Register to vote
209YurigirllilyJapanese4Register to vote
210Yurikogirlchild of YuriJapanese0Register to vote
211YutakaboyJapanese0Register to vote
212Yutsukogirlchild of YutsoJapanese0Register to vote
213ZenboyreligiousJapanese1Register to vote
214Zinanboysecond sonJapanese1Register to vote
214 names total
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