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1ArianagirlsilveryWelsh19Register to vote
2ArienegirlsilveryWelsh0Register to vote
3ArraylgirlSunshineWelsh0Register to vote
4Arthusboybear hero, a rockWelsh0Register to vote
5Arvelboywept overWelsh0Register to vote
6Bronwyngirlfair breastWelsh6Register to vote
7BryceboyspeckledWelsh7Register to vote
8BrynboyWelsh0Register to vote
9CadeboypureWelsh10Register to vote
10CaradocgirlamiableWelsh1Register to vote
11CarianboyWelsh1Register to vote
12Cedricboybounty, spectacle, founderWelsh2Register to vote
13CelyngirlWelsh0Register to vote
14Clydeboyheard from afarWelsh0Register to vote
15Conwayboyriver, hound of the plainWelsh0Register to vote
16DanjaboyWelsh2Register to vote
17Daviesboyvariant of DavisWelsh0Register to vote
18Deverellboyfrom the riverbankWelsh0Register to vote
19Deweyboynickname for DevinWelsh1Register to vote
20DewittboyblondeWelsh1Register to vote
21DilysgirlgenuineWelsh1Register to vote
22DravardboyTenaciousWelsh0Register to vote
23Dylanboysea god, son of the wavesWelsh35Register to vote
24Elganboybright circleWelsh1Register to vote
25Emlyngirlplace nameWelsh1Register to vote
26EmrickboyimmortalWelsh0Register to vote
27Enidgirlquiet woman, soulWelsh0Register to vote
28Fionnboyfoxglove flowerWelsh1Register to vote
29Fionnboyfoxglove flowerWelsh0Register to vote
30Gavinboywhite hawkWelsh27Register to vote
31GawainboycourteousWelsh1Register to vote
32Gaynorgirlindependant, strong, mysterious, family orientatedWelsh1Register to vote
33GinevragirlFair and SmoothWelsh0Register to vote
34GlendolyngirlValley of RingsWelsh2Register to vote
35GlynboySmall valleyWelsh0Register to vote
36Glynisgirllittle valleyWelsh0Register to vote
37Glynnisgirlbeautiful and holyWelsh0Register to vote
38Griffithboyfierce chief; ruddyWelsh0Register to vote
39Guineveregirlwhite, fair; white waveWelsh4Register to vote
40GwenhyvargirlWelsh0Register to vote
41Gwynethgirlwhite; blessed, fortunateWelsh1Register to vote
42Hadynboyform of AidanWelsh1Register to vote
43IaapboyGod is graciousWelsh0Register to vote
44Jennifergirlwhite wave, white spirit, white cheekedWelsh11Register to vote
45JestinboyVariant of JustinWelsh0Register to vote
46Kennboyclear waterWelsh0Register to vote
47Lloydboygray-hairedWelsh0Register to vote
48Maddockboychampion, good fortuneWelsh1Register to vote
49MeirionboyWelsh0Register to vote
50Meredithgirlprotector of the seaWelsh4Register to vote
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