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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
51Meredithgirlprotector of the seaWelsh4Register to vote
52Myfanwygirlsweet womanWelsh0Register to vote
53NewlynboypoolWelsh0Register to vote
54Pembrokeboyfrom the headland, rocky hillWelsh0Register to vote
55Powellboyson of HowellWelsh0Register to vote
56Priceboyurgent oneWelsh2Register to vote
57ReeceboyenthusiasticWelsh6Register to vote
58Reeseboyardent oneWelsh9Register to vote
59Renfrewboyfrom the still watersWelsh0Register to vote
60RhiamongirlwitchWelsh0Register to vote
61Rhiannongirla mythological nymphWelsh6Register to vote
62Riannongirlgreat queen, witch, or goddessWelsh2Register to vote
63SandroboyTall and handsome.sometimes associated with Shrek.Welsh0Register to vote
64SayerboycarpenterWelsh0Register to vote
65Sonnaghboymound, rampartWelsh0Register to vote
66TaffygirlbelovedWelsh5Register to vote
67TalorgboyWelsh1Register to vote
68TathalboyWelsh0Register to vote
69TathanboyWelsh0Register to vote
70TeigangirlBeautiful starWelsh0Register to vote
71TeulyddogboyWelsh0Register to vote
72Trahaearnboystrong as ironWelsh0Register to vote
73TudfwlchboyWelsh1Register to vote
74TudurboyWelsh0Register to vote
75TungyrboyWelsh0Register to vote
76TydfillgirlWelsh0Register to vote
77UrenboyWelsh0Register to vote
78UwainboyWelsh0Register to vote
79Vevaygirlwhite waveWelsh0Register to vote
80WidboyWelsh0Register to vote
81WrenboychiefWelsh3Register to vote
82WynngirlfairWelsh2Register to vote
83YestinboyjustWelsh0Register to vote
84YsgarranboyWelsh0Register to vote
84 names total