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  Name Gender Description Origin Votes Vote for this name
1Brooksboy1Register to vote
2Bronxboy1Register to vote
3Bolivarboy0Register to vote
4Banksboyplace where money is kept2Register to vote
5Beckerboy0Register to vote
6Batrocboy0Register to vote
7Baylynboy1Register to vote
8Bassanioboy0Register to vote
9Braisonboy0Register to vote
10Bodhiboyenlightened one1Register to vote
11Buenboy0Register to vote
12Brodyboy11Register to vote
13Braedynboy1Register to vote
14Brilenboy0Register to vote
15Biliusboy0Register to vote
16Barnaboyson of comforting1Register to vote
17Brasonboy0Register to vote
18Boaboysnake0Register to vote
19Belariusboy0Register to vote
20Brantleyboy.1Register to vote
21Brysonboy10Register to vote
22Belascoboy0Register to vote
23Biddleboy0Register to vote
24Byrrahboy1Register to vote
25Batfinkboy0Register to vote
26Bilboboy0Register to vote
27Beyersboy0Register to vote
28Bartimusboy0Register to vote
29Broussardboy0Register to vote
30Benicioboy2Register to vote
31Bostonboy4Register to vote
32Braedonboy3Register to vote
33Bumblelionboy0Register to vote
34Banyonboynamed for the tree in South Africa1Register to vote
35Batesboy1Register to vote
36Bryarboy0Register to vote
37Banditboyrobber or thief2Register to vote
38Busterboy0Register to vote
39Boleboy0Register to vote
40Brycenboyform of Bryce2Register to vote
41Balooboydancing bear3Register to vote
42Balthazarboy1Register to vote
43BrystonboyForm of Bryce, Bryson0Register to vote
44Bastianboy1Register to vote
45BazolaboyLoveAfrican2Register to vote
46BraidboyStrong,Independent,WiseAfrican0Register to vote
47BroadrickboyAfrican, English, Hawaiian0Register to vote
48BesnikboyAlbanian, Australian0Register to vote
49BrayceboyStrong, unwavering (pronounced "brace")American0Register to vote
50BreckenboyAmerican0Register to vote
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