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101Belenboyan arrowGreek0Register to vote
102Bellamyboyhandsome friendFrench1Register to vote
103BemboypeaceNigerian1Register to vote
104BemusboyplatformGreek0Register to vote
105Benboyson ofHebrew5Register to vote
106BenceboyvictorHungarian0Register to vote
107BenedictboyblessedLatin2Register to vote
108Benicioboy2Register to vote
109BenitoboyblessedLatin2Register to vote
110Benjaminboyson of my right handHebrew54Register to vote
111BennettboyEnglish7Register to vote
112Benningboymilitary base in georgiaEnglish0Register to vote
113Bennyboysong of my right hand; short for BenjaminHebrew2Register to vote
114BensonboyGreek, Hebrew1Register to vote
115BentleeboyCoarse grass meadow, moor, bent grass clearing.English1Register to vote
116Bentleyboyfrom the moorEnglish13Register to vote
117Bentlyboylovely name English4Register to vote
118Bentonboymoor dwellerEnglish0Register to vote
119Berengerboycourage of a bearFrench1Register to vote
120Bergenboymountain dwellerGerman0Register to vote
121Bergrenboymountain streamSwedish1Register to vote
122BeriszlboyhonorHungarian1Register to vote
123Berkboysolid and firmTurkish1Register to vote
124Berkeleyboyfrom the birch meadowAnglo-Saxon3Register to vote
125Bernardboybold as a bearGerman3Register to vote
126Bershboyone yearEnglish0Register to vote
127BertboybrightTeutonic1Register to vote
128Bertholdboyglorious rulerTeutonic0Register to vote
129Bertonboyglorious ravenTeutonic1Register to vote
130BertramboybrightGerman2Register to vote
131Berwinboywarrior friendTeutonic1Register to vote
132Berylboydazzling jewelHebrew0Register to vote
133BesnikboyAlbanian, Australian0Register to vote
134Bevalboylike the windEnglish0Register to vote
135Beverlyboymeadow of beaversEnglish2Register to vote
136Bevinboylady with a sweet song, son of EvanCeltic1Register to vote
137BevisboybowmanTeutonic0Register to vote
138Beyersboy0Register to vote
139Bhagirathboyone who brought river Ganga to the earthHindu0Register to vote
140Bharatboybeing maintainedHindu0Register to vote
141BhaskarboysunHindu0Register to vote
142Bhaveshboylord of the worldHindu0Register to vote
143BhavinboyHindu0Register to vote
144BhavyaboymagnificentHindu1Register to vote
145Bhimboyone of the PandavasHindu0Register to vote
146BhishmaboyterribleHindu0Register to vote
147Bhriguboya PrajapatiHindu0Register to vote
148Bhudevboylord of the earthHindu0Register to vote
149BhupenboykingHindu0Register to vote
150Bhupendraboyking of kingsHindu0Register to vote
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