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1Benjaminboyson of my right handHebrew54Register to vote
2Braydenboybrave, broadEnglish36Register to vote
3Blakeboyfair-haired, pallidEnglish27Register to vote
4Brandonboyfiery hill, swordEnglish18Register to vote
5Baileyboybailiff, fortification, ableFrench14Register to vote
6BeckettboyIrish14Register to vote
7Bradleyboybroad meadowEnglish13Register to vote
8Bentleyboyfrom the moorEnglish13Register to vote
9Brendanboylittle ravenGaelic12Register to vote
10Brodyboy11Register to vote
11BraxtonboyBrock's townAnglo-Saxon11Register to vote
12Brysonboy10Register to vote
13Blazeboya flameAmerican10Register to vote
14Beauboyhandsome, beautifulFrench9Register to vote
15Bradenboyfrom the broad valleyEnglish8Register to vote
16Baldwinboybold friendGerman8Register to vote
17BrianboystrongCeltic8Register to vote
18BryceboyspeckledWelsh7Register to vote
19BennettboyEnglish7Register to vote
20Brightonboythe one who is lovedHebrew6Register to vote
21BabulboyGate of GodHindu6Register to vote
22Barnabasboyson of prophecyHebrew5Register to vote
23BradyboyIrish5Register to vote
24Benboyson ofHebrew5Register to vote
25Brettboya native of Brittany, BritonEnglish4Register to vote
26Bowieboyyellow haired oneGaelic4Register to vote
27Bostonboy4Register to vote
28BeckamboyAmerican4Register to vote
29Bakerboycomes from the names Baxter, BaxleyIrish4Register to vote
30Boboyprecious, commandingChinese, Swedish4Register to vote
31Bentlyboylovely name English4Register to vote
32Brodie boybrother Irish4Register to vote
33Bishopboya bishopEnglish4Register to vote
34Brennanboyto brandEnglish4Register to vote
35Barnabyboyson of ProphecyHebrew3Register to vote
36Barnettboynoble manEnglish3Register to vote
37Bernardboybold as a bearGerman3Register to vote
38Baronboynoble manEnglish3Register to vote
39BryantboystrongCeltic3Register to vote
40BromboyravenGaelic3Register to vote
41Berkeleyboyfrom the birch meadowAnglo-Saxon3Register to vote
42Balderboygod of lightSwedish3Register to vote
43Blaineboythin, lean, source of a riverGaelic, English3Register to vote
44Billboyform of the name WilliamEnglish3Register to vote
45Blairboyfrom the plain, child of the fieldsGaelic3Register to vote
46BannonboywhiteIrish3Register to vote
47Braedonboy3Register to vote
48Bronsonboyson of Brown, son of the dark-skinned oneEnglish3Register to vote
49Balooboydancing bear3Register to vote
50Bancroftboybean fieldEnglish3Register to vote
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