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151Deverellboyfrom the riverbankWelsh0Register to vote
152Devereuxboyheavenly, divineEnglish1Register to vote
153DeveshboyGod of GodsHindu2Register to vote
154Deviboyold0Register to vote
155DevinboypoetGaelic11Register to vote
156DevitriboyHindu0Register to vote
157DevlinboybraveGaelic5Register to vote
158DevonboydefenderEnglish3Register to vote
159DevrityboyHindu0Register to vote
160Dewayneboy0Register to vote
161Deweyboynickname for DevinWelsh1Register to vote
162DewittboyblondeWelsh1Register to vote
163Dexboyright; nickname of DexterLatin0Register to vote
164Dexterboydexterous, right sideLatin5Register to vote
165DhananjayboyArjunaHindu0Register to vote
166DhaniboyRichHindu0Register to vote
167Dhanikboyking of moneyHindu1Register to vote
168Dhanwithboyking of moneyHindu, Norse0Register to vote
169DharaboyL.l.bEnglish, Hindu, Russian0Register to vote
170DharmaboyreligionHindu0Register to vote
171DharmaviraboyHindu0Register to vote
172DharmendraboyGod of religionHindu, Indian0Register to vote
173Dharmeshboymaster of religionHindu0Register to vote
174Dharunaboya rishiHindu0Register to vote
175Dhatriboya son of Vishnu, LakshmiHindu0Register to vote
176DhavalboywhiteHindu0Register to vote
177Dhiritiboy=Arabic, Hindu0Register to vote
178DhruvboyunshakeableHindu1Register to vote
179Dialboy0Register to vote
180DiashiaboybeautyAfrican0Register to vote
181Dicenboycute and cuddleyTurkish0Register to vote
182Dickinsonboypowerful, rich rulerEnglish0Register to vote
183Diederikboyruler of the peopleDanish0Register to vote
184Diegoboythe suplanterSpanish6Register to vote
185Dieterboythe people's rulerGerman0Register to vote
186Digbyboysettlement near a ditchEnglish0Register to vote
187Dilbertboy0Register to vote
188Dilipboya king, ancestor of RamaHindu0Register to vote
189DillonboyfaithfulGaelic4Register to vote
190Dimitriboylove of the earthGreek6Register to vote
191Dimitrovboy0Register to vote
192Dineshboyday GodHindu3Register to vote
193DinkarboysunHindu0Register to vote
194Dionboyshort for DionysusGreek1Register to vote
195Dirkboyruler of peopleTeutonic2Register to vote
196Divyeshboythe sunHindu0Register to vote
197DixieboyDick's sonEnglish0Register to vote
198Dixonboypowerful rulerTeutonic3Register to vote
199DjababoyA first born boy name of a clan in Yilo Krobo-Somanya, Ghana. It means Divine favor of GodAfrican0Register to vote
200DjangoboyAustralian0Register to vote
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