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101Delanoboyof the nightFrench1Register to vote
102Delbertboybright like daytimeEnglish0Register to vote
103DeliboywarriorHungarian1Register to vote
104deliasboy0Register to vote
105DelmarboymarinerFrench1Register to vote
106Delonboy0Register to vote
107Delsinboyhe is soNative-American0Register to vote
108DelvioboyPortugueseAfrican0Register to vote
109DemanboymanDutch0Register to vote
110DeMarreonboyAmerican3Register to vote
111DemetriboyFollower of or dedicated to Demeter3Register to vote
112Demetriusboylover of the earth, given to the Earth goddessGreek5Register to vote
113Dempeboypeace0Register to vote
114DempseyboyproudGaelic1Register to vote
115DempsterboyjudgeEnglish0Register to vote
116Denahiboy0Register to vote
117DenaurisboyDennisHebrew1Register to vote
118Denesboywine, dramaGreek, Hungarian0Register to vote
119Denholmboyhome of the DanesSwedish2Register to vote
120Denisboyvariant of the name DennisFrench1Register to vote
121Deniseboy1Register to vote
122Denleyboyfrom the Valley MeadowEnglish0Register to vote
123Dennisboyof dionysusGreek2Register to vote
124Dennyboynickname of DennisEnglish1Register to vote
125DentonboyEnglish1Register to vote
126Denverboygreen valleyEnglish1Register to vote
127DeoboygodlikeGreek0Register to vote
128DeonteboyGreek1Register to vote
129DereboyAmerican0Register to vote
130DerekboyrulerGerman1Register to vote
131DereonboyAfrican1Register to vote
132Derickboyruler of the peopleDutch2Register to vote
133Dermotboyfree of envyCeltic0Register to vote
134Derricboyruler of the peopleGerman0Register to vote
135Derrickboyfamous rulerEnglish1Register to vote
136DerrionboyKingAfrican, French0Register to vote
137Derryboygreat lover, an ancient heroCeltic1Register to vote
138Derwinboyfriend of wild animalsEnglish1Register to vote
139DeshawneboyAfrican1Register to vote
140Desiboynickname for the name DesmondLatin1Register to vote
141Desiderioboyso long hoped for, crave, desireLatin1Register to vote
142DesireboyTo Want With ExtremityAmerican0Register to vote
143Desmondboyman of the world, societyCeltic, Latin3Register to vote
144DesteryboyAmerican0Register to vote
145DestinboyAmerican0Register to vote
146Devanboysmall giftAmerican2Register to vote
147Devangboyfrom GodHindu1Register to vote
148Devanteboyfighter of wrongSpanish3Register to vote
149Devarsiboysage of the DevasHindu0Register to vote
150Devendraboyking of gods-vishnuHindu0Register to vote
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